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1 Hydra TLC Conditioner

Thirsty hair need some tender loving care? Moisture is the love your hair is craving. Sunsilk Hydra TLC Conditioner with Nutri-Keratin helps bring back all the natural moisture you need and smoothes the rough spots for soft, shiny, totally put together hair. Made in USA...

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2 Anti-Poof Conditioner

Hair expanding into a PYRAMID? Control it. Sunsilk Anti-Poof Conditioner with Jojoba Oil hydrates to help seal the hair fibers and prevents your hair from expanding. The result? Soft, smooth hair that doesn't POOF.

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3 De-Frizz Conditioner

Sunsilk De-Frizz Conditioner hydrates your hair to help tame wild frizz into well-behaved waves and curls.

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4 Straighten-Up Conditioner

For hair with stubborn kinks or unwanted waves. with Elastyn-E for satin straight hair For serious kink control start with Straighten-Up Shampoo and follow-up with Straighten-Up 24/7 Creme

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5 No Major Issues Conditioner

Got hair that Doesn't give you much hassle? Enjoy it! Sunsilk No Major IssuesConditioenr with Water Lily and Ginseng leaves your normal hair clean and fresh-smelling everyday while bringing out its healthy natural shine. So you get care free, great looking hairday after day.

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6 Waves Of Envy Gel & Cream Twist

Want soft, well defined waves worthy of the red carpet? Here's the secret! The Sunsilk Waves of Envy Gel & Cream Twist gives you the perfect combination of gel and cream, so you get the definition you need and the soft feel you want, for glamorous, crunchless waves. To get the most of your waves, use with Sunsilk's Waves of Envy Shampoo and Conditioner.

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7 Anti-Spongy Conditioner

Do you feel like your spongy hair is bigger than your body? Tame it with Sunsilk Anti-Sponge Conditioner. It hydrates your hair, leaving it soft, manageable and without excessive volume.

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8 Styling Cream co-created with Teddy Charles

Sunsilk has partnered with Paris-born Teddy Charles, creater of the world's latest runway and premier fashion magazine looks, to create Sunsilk's revolutionary formulations. Sunsilk's new Hydra TLC system helps moisturize and prevent split ends and chronic flyaways. Teddy Charles has co-created Sunsilk's Hydra TLC Styling Creme formula, with exclusive Milk Protein, leaving you hair soft, shiny and...

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9 Anti-Fall Conditioner

Do you feel your hair is falling in excess? Don't worry! It's normal for hair to fall, but daily aggressions make it worse. Sunsilk Anti-Fall Conditioner hydrates hair to strengthen it from root to tip, making it resistant to fall and breakage.

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10 Anti-Poof with Jojoba Oil

Hair expanding into a PYRAMID? Contain it. Sunsilk Anti-Poof 24/7 Creme with Jojoba Oil keeps hair from getting bigger and bigger, 24/7 Crème is not a conditioner, not a gel -- it combines the best of both. So you'll get under control hair without that heavy feel.

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