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11 Purify Weekly Shampoo

Surface Purify Weekly Shampoo provides deep cleansing purification. Targets specific Chelators and removes unwanted minerals, chlorine, and environmental buildup.

12 Reflect Styling Gel

Surface Reflect Styling Gel provides hold, volumize, shine and control. This gel also seals in color protecting it from UV damage, sets curls and resists humidity.

13 Crave Styling Paste

Surface crave styling paste for the style your crave. Flexible fiber network supports as you twist, shape and define your style. Tourmaline Crystal Fusion locks in condition and shine. Beauty with a conscience.

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14 Push Styling Powder

Surface Push Styling Powder adds volume and root lift to hair. Maximizes texture, thickens fine hair and controls static.

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15 Trinity Strengthening Conditioner

Surface trinity strengthening conditioner adds natural strength for all hair types. Amaranth, Soy and Keravis proteins strengthen, repair and condition. Beauty with a conscience.

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16 Bassu Hydrating Shampoo

Soften. Repair. Shine. Control. A new world of luxurious "velvet" lather.

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17 Trinity Protein Cream

Strengthen and smooth. Use wet and dry for thermal press normal to coarse hair. Amaranth protein and babassu oil smooth and repair the most damaged cuticle while strengthening hair.

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18 Trinity Protein Repair Tonic

Strengthen. Repair and protect. Sun and environment protection. Style control and light support. Maximizes repair, strength, and shine when heat styled into the hair.

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19 Trinity One Shot Protein Repair

One Shot Protein Repair - Maximum protein and porosity repair for very damaged hair. Use to rebuild the most damaged hair. Use in salon for damaged hair prior to, during, and following color, bleach, and texture services.

20 Impulse Styling Pump Spray

Fast dry, flexible lasting hold, shine. Use for hold, thermal styling and in damp hair to shape curls.

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