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11 Grothentic Scalp Treatment Creme for Straight or Curly Hair

A twice-daily treatment for fine, thinning hair. Helps promote healthy hair growth from the follicular level. Contains potent phyto extracts, other herbs and vitamins. Contains an organic DHT-blocking ingredient. Increases hair strand density for a thicker head of hair. Helps prevent shedding and thinning. Absorbs easily and will not create heavy buildup.

12 Botanical High Sheen Spray Laminate

Protects against thermal appliances and UV damage. Seals hair cuticles and minimizes moisture loss. Calendula and Green Tea work together to optimize the moisture levels of scalp and hair.

13 Edge Define Hairline Smoother

Gives a lasting hold and keeps edges from reverting. No-flake formula that provides a natural sheen. A non-greasy formula that easily rinses out. Help stop breakage around delicate hairline. Provides shine and ultimate frizz-free control for sleekedback hairlines and short tapered nape areas.

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14 Repair Therapy Intensive Conditioner

Enriched with Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil and Green Tea. Exclusive treatment based on Syntonics unique Liquid Crystal Molecular Conditioning System. Features high performance conditioning agents that help rebuild, fortify and strengthen hair down to the cortex. Moisturizes the scalp while stimulating the roots.

15 Shea-Coconut Light Moisturizing Creme

Penetrates hair shaft to hydrate and seals the cuticle layer for lasting moisturization. Leaves hair soft, shiny and free-flowing. For daily care use on all hair types. Great for frizz-free styling of naturally curly hair.

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