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31 T3 Luminous Flat Iron

T3 Luminous Flat Iron utilizes Tourmaline mineral which generates optimal ionic infrared energy to generate maximum levels of negative ions. This allows the Luminous iron to work quickly, eliminate frizz and lock-in moisture. Adjustable temperature to 4

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32 T3 Featherweight Diffuser

Volumizes, defines curls and eliminates frizz for permed, curly or fine hair. Specifically designed to attach to the Featherweight and Featherweight Luxe.

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33 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter

A hand-held shower filter that removes 95 percent of chlorine plus other impurities thereby improving hair body, shine, color retention, and skin hydration. What it does: A shower is the most important step in any beauty routine. Showering with chlorinated water dries out hair and skin and fades hair color. Chlorine is the real culprit behind dry, damaged hair and skin. Regular household...

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34 T3 Limited Edition Lace Singlepass Styling Set

T3 Limited Edition Lace Singlepass Styling Set includes the award winning T3 Singlepass Flat Iron wit a trendy alce design, T3 lace flower clip, T3 paddle brush, and T3 Lace Beak Clips. The T3 Singlepass has 1 inch tourmaline ceramic plates and adjustabl

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35 Bespoke Featherweight

This award-winning dryer features cutting-edge design and pioneering Tourmaline technology to dramatically reduce drying times, eliminate frizz and deliver healthier, salon-fabulous hair every time.

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36 T3 SinglePass Compact Iron

Digital T3 Tourmaline, SinglePass technology delivers lightning-fast, accurate and consistent heating, ensuring no down time while preventing the over and under heating of hair.

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37 T3 Fahrenheit 450 Single Pass Styling Iron

T3 Fahrenheit 450 Single Pass Styling Iron has 1 inch Tourmaline beveled plates with tourmaline/ceramic heaters that adjust to 450F.

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38 T3 Glow Dryer

T3 Glow Dryer collection is the perfect intro to T3 and a great way to experience T3's famous Tourmaline technology. The Glow Dryer is both dependable and stylish with the T3 frizz-free, shiny finish so you can achieve salon-quality results any time!

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39 T3 Featherweight Fast Healthy Beautiful Set

T3 Featherweight Fast=Healthy=Beautiful Set includes the T3 Featherweight Hair Dryer, Allure's Best of Beauty Award Winner. The set also includes T3 Free Flow Vent Brush , T3 Olive Oil infused Paddle Brush, T3 Anti-Flyaway Kabuki brush, and T3 oil blotti

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40 T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers Set

The T3 Voluminous Hot Roller Set been designed with proprietary Tourmaline technology which emits maximum ionic, infrared heat to safely penetrate the hair shaft, effectively styling the hair from the inside out while sealing the hair cuticle against friz

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