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1 TS-2 Cone Style Stick Clipless Curling Iron

The TS-2 Cone Style Stick Clipless Curling iron creates tight to loose curls!

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2 TS-2 Veloce Iron

The TS-2 Veloce Flat Iron was engineered with an ion generator to reduces frizz and seal in moisture better than conventional irons in the market!

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3 TS-2 Amp Dryer

The TS-2 Amp Dryer works to make hair looking softer, silkier, and smoother than ever before, while providing the healthiest, fastest, and longest-lasting styling results.

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4 TS-2 Tribal Limited Edition Dryer

The Limited Edition TS-2 Vintage Dryer creates healthier, shinier, more manageable hair.

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5 TS-2 Pod

The TS-2 Pod is a professional tri-pod styling iron holder to keep your tools conveniently at hand.

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6 TS-2 Rubber Paddle Brush

The TS-2 Rubber Paddle Brush is a professional styling brush with tender ball-tipped pins in a floating cushion, allowing for gentle, soft grooming.

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7 TS-2 Heat-Straight Straightening Brush

Get the look of a flat iron with TS-2 Heat-straight Straightening Brush! Unique clamp feature mimics a flat iron to get locks super straight and sleek while drying your hair.

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8 TS-2 Tension Comb

Enhance your styling experience with the innovative TS-2 Tension Comb!

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9 TS-2 Hybrid Flat Iron (1")

This wet-to-dry TS-2 Hybrid Flat Iron was designed for Keratin Treatments and Brazilian straightening, and features spring loaded plates that create a seamless distribution of heat.

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10 TS-2 Rubber Big Mouth Pro Styling Clips

The TS-2 Rubber Big Mouth Pro Styling Clip is the miniaturized version of the TS-2 Rubber Big Mouth Pro Styling Clip.

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