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12 Life Drops Leave-In Protein

Formulated with silk and wheat proteins, Life Drops strengthens and restores elasticity to dry, brittle strands. The formulation’s slightly acidic pH acts to help seal the cuticle, retain moisture and prevent color fade. Life Drops is an essential step for all hair care regimens as it protects against and repairs heat styling damage. The warm vanilla sugar scent leaves locks smelling delicious....

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13 Gold Gomma Gel

Terax Gold Gomma Gel 5oz. is used on wet hair before styling to help hold all day long. Can also be used for the wet look. Recommended for both men and women.

14 #2 Lotion

No description available.

15 Original Mousse

No, not that kind of mousse, but just as divine. Stylists from around the world have praised this mousse for its ability to give maximum volume in a lightweight foam. Ideal for setting, scrunching or blow-drying, without leaving dry flakes on the scalp, or sticky residue on your hands.

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