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1 Sydney's Shea Souffle

For hair, scalp, and skin. Adds shine and life to dull, dry hair. Leaves skin supple.

2 Eclectic Design Foam

The Zoe Line Eclectic Design Foam is an innovative formulation for wraps, finger waves, scrunch styles, soft freezes, traditional set and blow drys.

3 Eclectic Fortifying Shine Serum

Truly works wonders for hair and skin. Zoe Eclectic Fortifying Shine Serum will protect and condition hair and skin from the harmful effects of nature while producing incredible shine.

4 Sydney's Shea Organic Balm

Zoe Sydney's Shea Organic Balm absorbs easily, helping to condition, soften, smooth, protect, and prevent dry hair, scalp, and skin.

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