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1 Redefiner

Style a natural, healthy look back into your hair! Transform the frizz and fuzzy into beautifully defined curl and wave patterns. This will enhance the natural ''S'' pattern of your hair and create a curl memory with natural feel. Resists humidity and controls frizz and fuzz. Inspires styling versatility. Conditions to repair and protect the hair. Allows you to wear your hair as nature intended.

2 Heatsmart Serum Dry Oil Treatment

It's happy hour for hair! Instant hydration and a smooth satiny finish are just a treatment away. This lightweight, dry oil serum works as a prep to make your stylers perform even better! Detangles hair and eliminates frizz. Makes hair dry faster. Leaves hair shiny, smooth and soft.

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3 ForMatte Firm Paste

Cop an attitude for the moment or start a lifestyle. ForMatte gets a firm grip on your hair. Shape and mold to stay...inside the lines optional. Max-out on texture with powerful definition and separation or pump up the volume with relentless lift and hold. It remains pliable with re-workable control all day allowing you to reinvent your look as many times as you like.

4 HeatSmart Serum Conditioner

A Conditioner with rich hydrating emollients that restore the resilience, elasticity and shine. The Amino Acids in the conditioner help to make the hair stronger and more resistant to split-ends and breakage. The conditioner also is an exceptional detangler and also helps with frizz control. Amino acids reinforce the structural protein on each hair strand for stronger hair, resistant to split-ends...

5 Boost Thickening Spray

This spray adds texture, thickness, volume and support with this spray gel formula. Spritz the roots with this spray gel formula and focus on the roots for added lift. Use with a curling iron to form lasting curls. The added conditioning and protection of HeatSmart Complex is scientifically proven to produce healthier hair with heat.

6 HeatSmart Serum Shampoo

This is a rich, extra moisturizing shampoo for hair the tends to be very dry, especially naturally curly, frizzy and unruly hair. This is a sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free cleanser with hydrating emollients and fortifying proteins to rebuild and strengthen the hair. This helps control frayed ends and helps the hair resist breakage. This shampoo is ideal for damaged and over processed hair.

7 f450 Hot Armor

Hot Armor is a styling support and protection for use with flat irons and dryers set to high styling temperatures, or when a daily regimen of hair styling include the use of heat. Hot Armor will reduce mechanical friction, and speed-up styling dry time as it guards against moisture-loss and dryness. Adds lasting shine, promotes smoothness, controls frizz and flyaways.

8 Moisture Condition

Heal and Repair Dry Hair. This hydrating conditioner working independently to bring essential moisture to parched hair through a special blend of moisture-rich proteins. It helps to provide renewed strength turning dry hair into revitalized hair. This will create a smoother surface with added shine. Hair will be more manageable and full of life with the continued use of this conditioner.

9 Fixxé Volume Mousse

Get an infusion of natural looking body for even fine to thin hair. This protein and vitamin-enriched formula pumps up the hair, creating instant volume . It works as an excellent detangler and styling foam. The added conditioning and protection of HeatSmart Complex is scientifically proven to produce healthier hair with heat. Hair will be strong and shiny! This mousse has a wonderful fragrance...

10 Volume Shampoo

Volume Shampoo gives tired hair the wake-up call it needs to create new levels of body and bounce. Fattens hair by indulging flat tresses in rich, naturally volumizing proteins. Stimulates hair with a blend of plant extracts that combine with other ingredients to increase moisture from within, increasing volume from the inside out. Cool, clean aromas of sea air and a hint of juicy pineapple...

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