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21 Volume Condition

Eliminates flatness and fly aways. This body-building Volume Conditioner plumps even the most fine and limp hair. This weightless formula volumizies the hair by infusing it with unique combinations of proteins and botanical extracts. This conditioner also controls static with a weightless vitamin-rich formula that thickens and conditions the hair.

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22 f450 One Pass

Eliminate frizz and get a perfectly straight style with ThermaFuse f450º One Pass. This smoothing styling cream is activated by use with heated styling irons and provides unparalleled thermal protection- leaving hair in better condition when used at temperatures up to 450º. When activated, it smoothes and temporarily straightens hair, resisting reversion until your next shampoo.

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23 ThermaDan Condition

Anti-Dandruff Conditioner. Thermadan Conditioner includes menthol and other stimulating ingredients that actually work together to soothe both scalp and hair. Relieves the itch and removes the flake in just one minute. Creates a natural, dandruff-free appearance with herbs, proteins and amino acids.

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