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1 Moisturizing Infusing Conditioner, Dry Hair

Does your hair crave moisture? The ThermaSilk unique Silk Protein formula is heat-activated to help lock in moisture while heat styling. Deeply moisturizes hair to improve its condition - Hair is resilient and manageable - Transforms dull, lifeless hair into softer, silkier hair after heat styling

2 Thermasilk Heat-Activated Volumizing Mousse

The Thermasilk Silk Protein formula is heat-activated to add shape and spring to your hair while heat styling.

3 Curl Sculpting Gel

Heat Activated To Define and Control. Can Your Wavy or Curly Hair Be Hard to Control? The ThermaSilk Protein formula is heat-activated to define and control your hair while heat styling. Extra hold for long-lasting style; Reduces frizz leaving your curls shiny and defined after heat styling.

4 Color Revitalizing Conditioner

The heat of the blow dryer works with conditioner to create soft, silky hair. The only conditioner with our heat-activated moisturizers to revive dry or damaged color-treated hair. Contains 50% more color protection. Keeps color vibrant and shiny.

5 Smooth & Silky Conditioner

Heat activated to smooth curly or wavy hair. 99% Reduction of split ends & breakage. (Smooth & Silky shampoo and conditioner vs Non-conditioning shampoo.)

6 Volumizing Enhancing Conditioner

The ThermaSilk revolutionary formula contains heat-activated moisturizers that help lock in your hair's moisture that can be lost during heat styling - transforming a dull, lifeless texture into softer, silkier hair.

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