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1 Curl Reviving Potion Conditioner

Tosca Curl Reviving Potion conditions fine to normal curly hair. Special technology detangles and wards off frizz while making your curly tresses soft and defined. Tosca Curl Reviving Potion even contains special ingredients to reduce dust and pollution attraction to your hair! This gentle formula contains organic ingredients and won't strip your hair or fade your color. For best results, use...

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2 Curl Energizing Therapy Shampoo

Tosca Curl Energizing Therapy cleans fine to normal curly hair. Not only does Tosca Curl Energizing Therapy define your head of curls, it protects your tresses from dust and pollution in the air. This gentle purifying shampoo is made of certified organic ingredients and won't strip your hair or fade your color. Let your curls be energized and free!

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3 Curl Ringing Wax

Finishing product for all hair types. Firm flexible hold with memory. Humidity resistant. Anti-static. Locks curls in place. Dries quickly. Moringa Oleifera extract protects hair from harsh pollutants. Water soluble. Fresh, clean fragrance.

4 Curl Spiraling Up

Tosca Curl Spiraling Up is a spray mousse that creates and defines your curls. Perfect for all hair types, Tosca Curl Spiraling Up has a light hold on your curls that won't make them stiff or make them droop in humidity. Immediately notice the difference this mousse makes for your curls, keeping your spirals up! This organic and protective product lasts all day, yet is easy to wash out at the end...

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5 Curl Bouncing Serum

Tosca Curl Bouncing Serum is a styling serum to keep your curls without making your tresses tacky. This product protects your hair from damage during heat styling as well as from pollutants and dust in the air. Tosca Curl Bouncing Serum is long lasting but water soluble to make the end of your day easy. Keep your curls bouncy and defined all day long, even in high humidity!

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6 Curl Twisting Spritz

Tosca Curl Twisting Spritz is a holding product to lock curls in place. Tosca Curl Twisting Spritz has a firm but flexible hold on your hair to keep them in place even in humid or dry conditions. It dries quickly but is water soluble for the end of your day, so it is perfect for any busy woman! As with all products in this line, Tosca Curl Twisting Spritz has organic ingredients & protects your...

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7 Repair nourishingconstructor

• The ultimate intensive protein revitalizer • Strengthens and conditions over-processed or extremely damaged hair from the inside out • Build and improves the structure of your hair • Modifies cuticle degradation • Eliminates split ends • Adds body, bounce and elasticity that others will envy • Returns the hair to its natural emolliency for a shine, soft, silky, healthy...

8 Repair moisturizingquencher

• Rehydrator, moisture rebalancer • Smoothes, soothes and relieves dry brittle, kinky, curly and permed hair • Moisturizes the inner most structure of the hair • Corrects dry and damaged hair • Protects against damaging UV rays • Dramatically improves elasticity • Simply an amazing hair moisturizer

9 Curl charmingcurler

• Styling gel for wet hair • Finishing product for dry hair • Medium to firm hold that is flexible • Not tacky • High humidity curl retention • Moringa Oleifera extract protects hair from harsh pollutants • Protects from damage during heat styling • Water soluble • Fresh, clean fragrance • Ideal for wet look • Can be reactivated with water to create curls

10 Repair fortifyingcream

• Please don’t call it shampoo. It’s not. It’s an entirely new way to cleanse hair gently and thoroughly… You will notice the difference from the first application • Lively whipped cream bubbles moisturize dry, brittle, frizzy hair • Restores and maintains vital moisture balance needed by your hair • Leaves hair glowingly alive, naturally soft and pliable • Experience...

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