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1 Radiant Finish Liquid

Zerran Radiant Finish - Shine, Texture, & Frizz Control contains a alcohol-free formula that gives hair extra shine, and a smooth silky texture to your hair. Radiant Finish helps to smooth frizzed, frayed or damaged hair. Radiant Finish contains a fragrance-free formula.

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2 Moisture Pak

Zerran Moisture Pak - Deep Moisturizing Treatment for Dry Damaged Hair is a blend of natural herbs and hair keratin that moisturizes, conditions and soothes both the scalp and hair. Moisture Pak increases pliability and control, leaving hair silky smooth. Moisture Pak can be used daily and is safe for use on color and chemically treated hair. Contains Zerran’s proprietary combination of natural...

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3 Botanum Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

Botanum Shampoo for Color Treated Hair Botanum is a shampoo for hair that has been subjected to chemicals, permanent waving solutions, hair color and bleach. Botanum provides extra conditioning and assists in the structural renewal of the hair shaft.

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4 Glacon Sculpting Lotion

Zerran Glacon Sculpting Lotion - Alcohol Free is a sculpturing lotion designed to be used as both a sculpturing lotion and a styling gel. Glaçon is excellent for the wet looks, finger control styling, braiding, roller set, or as a cutting lotion. Natural herbs and human hair keratin protein, add strength and conditioning to the hair and scalp. Used on all hair types, Glaçon adds control, volume,...

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5 Equalizer Leave-In Conditioner

Zerran EQUALIZER Conditioners,leave in conditioner and detangler that provides optimum protection from heat damage related to thermal styling, to be used daily as a leave in to enhance the hairs sheen or as a detangler to ease combing.

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6 Radiant Finish Gel

Hair Straightening & Texturizing Shine Gel gives texture, shine, body and a smooth silky texture to your hair. Radiant Finish Gel is alcohol-free and helps to smooth frizzed, frayed or damaged hair without leaving a heavy sticky film. Use Radiant Finish Gel during blow drying to help relax and straighten wavy, coarse or curly hair. Radiant Finish helps to protect your hair from environmental...

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7 Regimen Shampoo

Zerran Regimen Deep Moisturizing and Conditioning Shampoo is a deep moisturizing shampoo containing a combination of natural herbs and mild surfactants to gently clean and condition dry damaged hair while soothing the irritated or dry scalp. Regimen contains Human Hair Keratin Protein to add manageability, control and give your hair a lustrous sheen. Regimen can be used every day and is color...

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8 Reform

Zerran's Reform is a revolutionary patented way to achieve straight, sleek hair without harsh chemicals. The gentle formula allows reprocessing from root to tips without breakage. It contains no sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate, formaldeyde or aldehyde. It is 100 percent vegan.

9 Absolution Shampoo

Absolution Professional Clarifying Shampoo by Zerran Hair Care is a 100 percent vegan clarifying shampoo designed to cleanse previous hair treatments in preparation for new chemical service. Formulated with natural chelators from citrus fruit, reactive metal ions like copper and iron, silicones, oils, styling polymers, residues from medication, salts and cosmetic contaminants are easily removed...

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10 Radiant Finish Diamond Mist Shine Spray

Zerran's products are designed to condition and improve the health of your hair. We have researched the latest scientific information as well as centuries-old botanical tradition to obtain the most effective formulas for your hair.

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