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1 Curly Glaze

What it is: A sealing and coating styling glaze to reduce frizz, define curl and wave, and enhance curly/wavy hair.

2 Curly Spray

What it is: A sealing, coating, detangling, frizz-killing, curl and wave defining, all around great spray-on, leave-in conditioner for wavy to curly hair.

3 Short Cuts Wax Stick Styler

This is an amazing twist up wax stick. This wax stick styler is perfect for flat tops, spike cuts and buzz cuts. This versitile styling wax is colorless, oderless and shampoos out clean. This is the perfect styling product for world class clipper cutters.

4 Hair Primer

Zoot! Hair Primer is a base coat that helps all your Zoot! Designer Series hair care products perform better. Zoot! Hair Primer can be used alone as a lightweight, light hold hair styling product. Lightly mist dry hair with Zoot! Hair Primer to reactivate styling products for easy re-styling.

5 Thermal Gel Styler

A styling gel with state-of-the-art heat protectors built in, allowing you to use blow dryers and flat or curling styling irons to create great looks without the damage typical of exposing your hair to all that styling tool heat.

6 Thermal Shield Spray

A layer of protection between your hair and the heat from appliances like dryers and irons which you depend on to give you your style.

7 Texture Wax

Medium-firm hold, pliable styling wax. Use a little for a lighter finish. Use more for a more textured look. Use on your fingertips for detailing and piecey-ness. Damp hair will stay damp and feel soft. Dry hair will have a rougher, matte finish when Zoot! Texture Wax is used.

8 Gel Styler

Just great, firm hold styling gel.

9 Volume Foam

Medium hold styling mousse for style support. Provides protection from the damaging heat of styling tools. Adds body, bounce and shine. Provides brush slip so your styling tools are easier to use and more gentle to your hair.

10 Lock Your Look Spray

Short, light bursts from 10 to 12 inches away, builds support and hold. A shot at the base creates great support for finer hair. Zoot! Lock Your Look Firm Hold Hairspray shampoos out clean with just one lathering.

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