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2901 Pro-V Damage Detox Daily Rebuilding Conditioner

Blow-drying, coloring, chemical treatments, oh my! After all we do to our hair, it sure could benefit from a good cleanse. Our new detox formula helps remove impurities and rebuild a protective layer around damaged hair, so you can style without worry.

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2902 Pro-V Damage Detox Weekly Rehab Crème

Check your hair into rehab once a week with this intense moisturizing formula enriched with Mosa Mint Oil and antioxidants. It helps seal damaged cuticles to instantly renew hair, and delivers brilliant shine and lasting smoothness.

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2903 Sensitive Scalp Conditioning No-Lye Shea Butter Relaxer Kit

Kit contains 4 applications of cream relaxer (7.1 fl oz) and activator liquid (2.0 fl oz).

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2904 Satin Touch Natural Oils

A superior all natural head to toe oil with the addition of Hemp and Avocado. These "living" oils are cold pressed, leaving all the vitamins, and minerals intact. Softens and smooths the ends of dry hair instantly!!

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2905 InCharge

Your colour-treated hair never had such superb touchable texture, dazzling shine - and crisp all-day control. Unlike other sprays, you won't find a single drop of anything that flakes or droops in this humidity-defying formula. Instead, there's a protective, touch-me shield of antioxidants and UV inhibitors. Hold everything - this flexible hold 100% vegan spray keeps fly-aways and misbehaving...

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2906 Purify Shampoo

Prevent colour oxidation and remove impurities with this ZeroSulfate, non-colour stripping clarifying treatment shampoo, essential for maintaining colour-treated hair. This super gentle formula detoxifies, naturally removes odor from hair and frees hair from colour-dulling residue and buildup caused by chlorine, hard water minerals and styling products.

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2907 Naat Silicon Hair Serum Hair Polisher

Naat Silicon Hair Polisher with Silicone, Keratin and Protein creates a protective film on your hair, eliminating frizz and providing an intense shine. Rinsing is not necessary. The Hair Polisher may be applied either to dry or wet hair.

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2908 Reconstuct Repair Treatment

Pureology ReConstruct Repair Conditioner is a seriously intense, deep conditioning treatment. The color protecting formula in Pureology ReConstruct Repair Conditioner rebuilds and strengthens damaged hair with essential proteins, jojoba, shea butter and hazelnut oil.

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2909 Thickening Masque

Pureology Thickening Masque is an amazing, self heating formula with volcanic ash instantly thickens hair, while protecting and preserving color brilliance.

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2910 Rootlift

Build amazing volume with this light, clean, humidity-resistant cream spray mousse for colour-treated hair. This high performance, ZeroAlcohol™ styler enhances colour brilliance while giving hair an energizing boost of fullness, shine, and control. The exclusive AntiFadeComplex® maximizes colour retention.

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