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3091 Shine freezingspray

• Adds a brilliant shine, control and flexibility to your hairstyle • Gives a firm hold without buildup or stickiness • Protects your hair against color fading • Brush through weightless formula for restyling

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3092 All Purpose Egg Shampoo

Mild Egg Shampoo leaves all hair types feeling clean and nourished with its protein enriched Egg ingredient. Gentle enough to use as an all-in-one shampoo and shower gel. Massage into a lather on wet hair and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Follow with Hair Rinsing Conditioner. As a 2-in-one product, All Purpose Egg Shampoo is gentle enough to use as a shower gel. Massage on wet skin with a soft...

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3093 Nucleic Moisturizing Hair Rinse

Great for restoring moisture and body to fine, limp hair while eliminating tangles. Nourishing Herbal Extracts help to soften over processed or damaged hair. Works well as a detangler for children or as a moisture treatment for frizzy hair. After shampooing, spray on wet hair from roots to tips. Rinse after 60 seconds or leave on if desired. Use on kids as a detangling treatment. Bring it to...

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3094 Herbal-Amino Clarifying Shampoo

This keratin amino acid enriched shampoo gently removes product buildup and residue from the hair shaft and scalp without stripping the hair or scalp of its natural oils. Deep cleanses the hair and scalp. Enhanced with multiple botanicals including lemongrass, kiwi fruit and Quercus Alba Bark extracts for gentle and complete cleansing of the hair and scalp. Creates a clean hair shaft which enables...

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3095 Natural Hold Locking Spray

Natural Hold Locking Spray is completely alcohol-free, so it will never, ever leave your hair dry and brittle. If you are looking for an amazing product that will re-hydrate your twists and locks and help you maintain the look of freshly twisted hair, Natural Hold Locking Spray is the one for you! Since it is alcohol-free, it is not harmful to your body or the planet.

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3096 Dry Scalp Shea Butter Formula

African-ethnic hair types usually suffer from dry scalp. It is important to use Natural Butter to prevent dryness. If you use products made with mineral oil your hair and scalp often can start to be dry and your scalp can start to smell after using petroleum based products. This happens because your scalp cannot breathe. Products with mineral oils cannot penetrate your skin and will clog...

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3097 Loss and Thin Black Hair Treatment

Maybe you have it all wrong about your hair loss. You may be thinking Your hair may be thinning instead. As we get older the size of each hair shaft gets smaller. You still have the same number of follicles or hair, but each hair strand is thinner. This organic treatment is absorbed by each hair strand increasing its diameter for fuller thicker hair. Developed especially for the needs of...

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3098 Hair & Body Butter

Blend of raw, unrefined shea butter and nourishing oils. Use to retain moisture to hair and skin.

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3099 Deep Conditioner

First Treatment phito therapeutic that consists on the use of Natural plants, for the capillary growth. It innovative formula contributes extracts and active 100% natural necessary for a good hair condition, avoiding the excessive one Desquamation adding the nutrients to return, health, beauty, vitality, softness and felxibility to the hair, helping to growth.

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3100 DualSenses for Men Activating Scalp Tonic

Fortifies hair and revitalises hair and scalp with a stimulating cooling effect. For visibly fortified hair and noticeably more energy in both hair and scalp.

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