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3091 Ultra Shine Complex

Aquage Ultra Shine Complex eliminates frizz and aligns the cuticle to leave dry, coarse or curly hair silky smooth. Infused with Sea Fennel Oil - rich in magnesium and proteins to strengthen the hair shaft as it adds moisture and shine.

3092 Bilberry Color Protect Detangler

An ultra-light leave-in conditioner reformulated with a UV filter to offer added colour protection! For perfectly manageable tangle-free hair. It's light formula means you can use it throughout the day without weighing the hair down. Contains a UV filter.

3093 Moveable Hold Hair Spray

Brocato Moveable Hold Hair Spray is a medium hold aerosol hair spray that delivers natural movement and workable hold. This great working spray provides a brushable, workable finish. Specifically designed for use on wet or dry hair. Brocato's Moveable Hold Hair Spray is unique because this great aerosol spray can be used on wet or damp hair which gives people a versatile, great working spray....

3094 Saturate Intensive Moisture Treatment

Brocato Saturate Intensive Moisture Shampoo saturates dry damaged hair with an extraordinary surge of moisture. Visibly improves hair’s elasticity and vitality while giving hair natural moisture balance for an incredibly shine, silky feel. You can use Saturate Shampoo when your hair is feeling dry or has been damaged by natural elements. Saturate Intensive Moisture Shampoo features nourishing...

3095 Shimmer Platinum Spray

Brocato Shimmer Platinum Spray is a subtle, sparkling spray of platinum flecks. Use after styling to add a sexy glow. Shimmer Platinum Spray can be used on skin and clothes for added subtle glamour. This one-of-a-kind product features platinum flecks which provide delicate shine and sparkle.

3096 Hair Growth Serum

This essential oil blend increases circulation in the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Directions: Use a few DROPS on affected areas. Less is more, no need to overuse. Massage into scalp twice a week at night. (Not useful if you're experiencing hair loss from medication or hormonal issues.)

3097 Magic Curls Puree - Extra

Apply once a week, every other day or twice a week. The frequency of use depends on your hair texture and your desired curls definition. For next day application, damp hair with the Hydrating Curls Spritz and a little bit of water. This product is concentrated so a little will go a long way!

3098 Splassh Daily Shampoo

Brocato Splassh Daily Shampoo is one of Sam Brocato’s “Original 5” products. It is a luxurious, sulfate free, daily use shampoo that adds body, shine, combability and strength to all hair types. Its creamy lather and cherry-almond fragrance have been well received by clients world wide! When daily shampooing is a necessity. It can be used on all hair types including chemically-treated...

3099 Swell Volume Deep Volumizing Treatment

Brocato Swell Volume Deep Volumizing Treatment is a unique, deep volumizing treatment that contributes both moisture, protein, and a unique combination of grape extracts, that produce Polyphenoyls, Tannins and Tyrosol, all extensive free radical scavengers, resulting in noticeably fuller, shinier hair that does not fall flat or fade in color. This deep treatment can initially be used daily....

3100 Urgent Repair Shampoo

Eufora Urgent Repair Shampoo is a biodegradable detoxifying cleansing treatment. Whether you're a nature-lover or not, this new shampoo is a necessity. The naturally derived formula is designed to gently remove dulling and environmental stresses. It’s a mild and non-irritating (to both you and the environment!) color-safe chelating shampoo, so it can be used by people with product sensitivity.

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