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541 Volumize Me Sea Silk Styling Mousse

The Peter Lamas Volumize Me Sea Silk Styling Mousse combines moisturizing natural botanicals with Sea Silk to nourish hair and add amazing volume. Rice Proteins and Sea Silk provide natural staying power while Chamomile and Aloe Leaf Extract infuse hair with hydration to give you beautifully voluminous hair that feels silky soft.

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542 Social Justice Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter

Nourish chapped skin, hands, nails, and feet . . . excellent, natural, and nutrient benefits from Nature!

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543 Healing Serum

Revive your lifeless locks. Hamadi Healing Serum takes dead, straw-like hair and in Rumpelstiltskin fashion, spins it to gold. It saves damaged ends from being chopped off and color-treated hair from turning brassy and dull. Moisturizing oils deeply penetrate the hair follicles, smoothing them from the inside out.

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544 Coiling Crème Pudding

These unique blends of natural herbs, fruit and plant extracts to maintain transitioning and natural hair. Coiling Crème Pudding is a styling crème that will help you create the bouncy, coily head full of style. This crème will keep your coils shiny and springy with a long lasting hold.

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545 Transitioner's Magic

Miss Jessie’s understands. You are not quite ready for the “Big Chop” because you want to keep the length of your relaxed hair, but you are ready to go natural. The most bewitching challenge for transitioning from relaxed to natural hair is managing and styling these two very different textures at the same time.

What you need is Miss Jessie’s Transitioner’s Magic! This...

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546 Shampoo to Remove Build Up

Use this shampoo to remove deposits or product build-up on your hair. Black hair needs lots of conditioning and it is common to use waxes and deep-conditioners. This creates build-up on hair and the scalp. Our natural shampoo removes build-up left over from other products like oils, treatments, creams, hair sprays, mousses, gels, waxes and pomades. This leaves your hair refreshed and full of...

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547 Fierce, Fabulous and Finally Free Transitioning Kit

Are you transitioning from relaxed back to your natural hair? This kit will help you on your journey from flat hair to fabulous curls! No more flat, fried, frazzled hair...go back to your roots. Let your natural curls RING!

This Fierce, Fabulous and Finally Free Transitioning Kit has all of the products needed during your transition. Formulated with certified organic ingredients....

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548 Advanced Care Stayin' Alive Anti-Aging Conditioner

Natures Gate Hair Care Staying Alive Anti Aging Conditioner is a paraben-free colorant-free and certified organic botanicals of dandelion formula with fenugreek, elderberry, calendula and marshmallow to help soothe and moisturize. Helps protect against environmental damage, the effectsof UV radiation and the effects of daily blow drying. Helps enhance shine and reduces tangling. Without critical...

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549 Certified Organic Tamanu Oil

Pure, undulterated tamanu oil is the perfect anti-aging. Fine lines disappear within seconds of application. Tamanu oil comes from the island nation of Madagascar. This rare oil is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. We recommend applying oil before bed due to its curry leaf like aroma.

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550 IKove Amazonian Acerola Shampoo (Oily Hair)

IKove Amazonian Acerola Shampoo is a unique organic calming shampoo for oily hair. Making use of herb extracts to combat excess oil, IKove Amazonian Acerola Shampoo carefully promotes balance and manageability, assuring a normal hair texture without stripping hair of necessary oils. pH-balanced and rich in Vitamin C, anti-oxidents and necessary herbal extracts, IKove's Acerola Shampoo is...

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