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541 Evoo & Moringa Repair & Extend Hair Butter

This all-natural, petrolatum-free reparative hair butter treats damaged, dry and brittle hair with Olive and Moringa oils, while moisturizing and protecting with Quinoa and Fennel.

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542 Straight Away Shampoo

Tara Smith Straight Away Shampoo is an organic shampoo for squeaky clean, sleek and shiny hair. It is formulated with Ginkgo Biloba which has long been taken internally for its anti-stress properties and is combined with Marine Algae extract to moisturize and condition the hair.

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543 Cucumber Aloe Styling Creme

Achieve all your styling options and the benefits of a leave-in conditioner, polishing gloss and gel in one product. This amazing styling creme works great on straight, wavy and curly hair types to give them rich moisture, gleaming shine and body with hold. The virtually weightless formula is used as a heat-protectant from damage caused by styling tools, and also to tame frizz when drying...

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544 Extra Conditioning Hair Butter

Extra Conditioning Hair Butter is for those who have extra dry or damaged hair that need some TLC. This butter increases sheen and leaves overworked hair soft. It can be used everyday and especially is recommended after shampooing to seal in moisture and protect brittle, dry, and damaged hair.

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545 Shea Coconut Hair Milk

Our best seller! Made with coconut oil and shea butter. A light hair cream that works great for fine hair and those wanting to define their curls.

It absorbs into the hair leaving it super soft, silky and manageable. Scents is a sweet lemon vanilla scent.

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546 Shampoo to Remove Build Up

Use this shampoo to remove deposits or product build-up on your hair. Black hair needs lots of conditioning and it is common to use waxes and deep-conditioners. This creates build-up on hair and the scalp. Our natural shampoo removes build-up left over from other products like oils, treatments, creams, hair sprays, mousses, gels, waxes and pomades. This leaves your hair refreshed and full of...

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547 Evoo & Moringa Repair & Extend Styling Custard

This highly reparative and protective formula prepares and protects hair during and after chemical treatments including perms and color.

This all-natural styling custard with Moringa and Olive oils, Quinoa and Henna, hydrate hair while providing manageability and brilliant shine.

This emollient product styles while helping repair chemically treated or natural hair. Does not...

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548 IKove Amazonian Avocado & Babacu Conditioner

IKove Amazonian Avocado & Babacu Conditioner is a luxurious organic conditioner designed to give intense moisture to hair that is dry, damaged, color or chemically treated. IKove's natural botanical formula uses Babucu oil from the rainforest of the Amazon, a chemical particularly nourishing for hair. Combines with avocado oil, wheatgerm protein and Vitamin E, Amazonian Avocado & Babacu...

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549 Biokap Frequent Use Shampoo with Almond

Contains Oil of Sweet Almonds, Coconut oil and an organic extract of Althea with a soothing action, extracts of Passion Flower, Grape and Pineapple for their hydrating and restorative properties. Also its Yucca Saponins provide a delicate cleansing action on hair, which is combined with the skin purifying action of Iceland Moss and essential oil of Rosemary and Melaleuca Alternifolia. Without...

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550 Coconut Hair Pomade

Coconut Oil Hair Pomade is a light hair moisturizer that is suitable for most types of hair. It is light enough to use every day and never leaves hair feeling heavy.

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