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611 Frankincense and Myrrh Organic Shea Butter

For the wise and the intellectual, and for those who reflect and contemplate, this is for you. Anoint and massage like the royalty of ancient Egypt, Ethopia and Somalia. Delight yourself with the aromas of pure frankincense and myrrh, once only afforded by wealthy pharaohs and the women they sought to enamor. Unique, exciting and unisex.

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612 Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo

Want shiny, healthy-looking hair in a hurry? This fast-acting clarifying shampoo deep-cleanses with just one application and rinses clean to leave hair shiny, bouncy and full. Herbal extracts deliver beneficial nutrients quickly and reduce drying time for fast and easy styling.

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613 Shea Gold

With over a decade of shea butter experience, Shea Terra Organics has seen it all. From the beige to the green to the mysterious, from the nutty to the smoky to the burnt, Shea Terra Organics has tested nearly a hundred shea butter samples from across the shea butter belt to introduce to you the highest quality butter available. As its name implies, Shea Gold is the industry standard for premium...

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614 Purity Beauty Shampoo

Organic olive leaf extract with anti-oxidants promote hair growth and delivers natural shine. The blend of essential oils repair and strengthen hair, providing brilliance and shine

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615 Purity Beauty Intensive Moisturizer

Repairing and regenerating, This ultra rich crème conditioner drenches dry hair with nutrients and moisturizing ingredients. Organic babassu oil nourishes and softens the hair while the Blend of essential oils work together to create healthy, shiny hair.

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616 Coiling Crème Pudding

These unique blends of natural herbs, fruit and plant extracts to maintain transitioning and natural hair. Coiling Crème Pudding is a styling crème that will help you create the bouncy, coily head full of style. This crème will keep your coils shiny and springy with a long lasting hold.

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617 Hair Moisture

This product is user friendly to ladies that are natural or transitioning. It has also been used successfully as a protective moisturizer under weaves and wigs to guard against the effects of traction. This product contains no artificial fragrances, colors, mineral oil nor sulfates. This moisturizer can be used as often as needed on wet or dry hair. The product does not flake and dissolves easily....

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618 Antifade Complex Power Dressing Body Hold Hair Styler

Pureology Power Dressing delivers body and control with medium hold support and a touch of shimmering mica for shine. This advanced technology triple resin styling cr�me is the perfect tool for building body with superb control! AntiFade ComplexTM layers on color protection while mica provides dazzling shine. Sexy shapes are simple with this new-age styler!

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619 M.M. ~ My Mom's Hair Masque

My Mom’s Masque is the perfect remedy to restore any type of damaged hair back to its healthy state. Enriched with natural ingredients from My Secret Recipe, this product is sure to make you understand why sometimes moms know best...especially when it comes to restoring healthy hair.

• My Secret Recipe penetrates your hair...

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620 C.C. ~ Curly & Cute Curl Creme

My C.C. - Curly & Cute Curl Creme - is excellent for curly, coily, wavy, transitioning, and relaxed hair.
• My Secret Recipe creates bouncy, soft, sweet lovely curls.
• Super shine, super conditioning, and super moisture.
• Keep your curls longer and healthier.
• Perfect for transitioning cuties to soften and hydrate new growth.
• Ideal...

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