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611 Sensories Wellness Bedew Hydrating Repair Drops

Bedew Repair Drops is a potent combination of organic extracts including lavender, calendula, chamomile and sage. Its unique conditioning agents, including keratin, wheat germ and aloe vera, hydrate, protect and increase strength.

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612 Sensories Wellness Reflect Shine Enhancing Treatment

Intense, rinse out treatment revives dull and lackluster hair. Reflect Treatment fuses natural organic oils with sodium PCA, a naturally occurring component of human skin, to hold moisture and impart a moist feel to the hair. Leaves hair in optimal condition.

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613 Juvexin Hair Taming System

Juvexin Hair Taming System incorporates our unique keratin formulation which protects the hair's natural properties and prevents damage to the hair surface. Unlike over-processed hydrolyzed keratins found in the market today, Global Keratin’s Juvexin Hair Taming System is an organic, active complex component, delivered to the hair in its raw, natural state. Critical amino acids and proteins...

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614 Wheatgrass Purifying Shampoo

The Peter Lamas Wheatgrass Purifying Shampoo uses Wheatgrass- one of nature's most effective and gentle cleansers- to remove excess oil, residue and debris instantly without stripping the hair of moisture or vitality. Aloe is combined with hydrating botanicals to restore moisture while fruit extracts gently purify hair and scalp.

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615 Mimosa Curly Q Elixir

Are your angel's curly q's dry and lackluster? Does her hair seem to be growing at an alarmingly slow rate? Mimosa Curly Q Elixir is the product to moisturize, enhance growth, and add sheen to dull ringlets. Formulated with Champagne Grape and Caviar extracts, this growth enhancing, hair strengthening treatment is THE solution for increasing hair growth and creating unbelievable sheen.

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616 Indian Hemp & Tamanu Grow & Strengthen Edge Taming Taffy

This all-natural, petrolatum-free edge taming taffy hydrates and repairs damaged, dry and brittle hair with Hemp, Tamanu and Monoi Oils.

Bamboo and Garlic Extract strengthen and fortify hair. Controls and smoothes edges for a sleek, professional look.

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617 Glisten Conditioner

Need a quick remedy for the stress of getting gorgeous? Help strengthen, restore & protect hair with Avocado Oil and Certified Organic Linseed Oil. Honey serves as one of nature's most powerful humectants and works with Jojoba Oil to maximize moisture and fullness. Wheat protein helps repair environmental damage while Pure Maple Syrup infuses hair with body & shine. Good Enough to eat.

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618 Shampoo Bar: Butter Bar Conditioner

A buttery lotion bar hair conditioner and natural shampoo combined into one super moisturizing bar.

Cocoa, shea, and mango butters are protective emollients that penetrate deep to provide nourishment for the hair shaft and protection against dryness and brittleness.

A great natural shampoo for dry, processed and heat-treated hair.

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619 Bee Nourished Ayurvedic Herbal Bar

Replace your weekly amla or brahmi tea rinses or paste treatments with ease. Our herbal bar serves as a moisturizing root strengthener allowing you to nourish & treat your hair to goodness without the mess.

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620 Matcha Green Tea 100% Vegan Pure Body Butter

LaNatura's Best Selling Product! The ultimate skin moisturizer, our body butter's blend of essential oils and shea butter soothes dry, itchy skin. For dry, rough hands and feet damaged by harsh climate, gardening, and everyday activities, you will feel an amazing difference.

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