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3731 Base Coat Serum

Foundation primer for every hair type with Borage oil. For all hair types this serum with Borage oil which has the highest level of Gamma Linolenic Acid of any common plant species ,will provide the foundation for good looking hair.

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3732 Professional After-Care Keratin Mist

Has hydrolyzed keratin which has a balanced formula With emollients giving total penetration In the hair cuticle - rebuilds the hair wire.

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3733 Wicked Twist It

Whipped to buttery perfection with a citrus splash smell. Perfect for overall shine, locking, dry two strand twists, and more!

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3734 Noodle Head Condition Your Curls Leave-In Conditioner

Condition your curls with this specially formulated leave-in conditioner. Beyond the Zone Noodle Head Leave-in Conditioner targets curly hair conundrums by fighting frizz, detangling and adding moisture to dry curls. Beyond the Zone Noodle Head Leave-in Conditioner leaves hair healthy and creates well-defined, bouncy curls.

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3735 Pure Argan Oil

Argan oil is remarkably high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids and has intense restorative and age-defying effects. This oil, used alone, or in harmony with another aromatherapy oil, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines as it tightens and moisturizes the skin. It diminishes and heals blemishes, reduces irritation and scars, prevents and treats stretch marks and inflammation, and strengthens...

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3736 Impact Ego with Garlic

This special cream, rich of peptydes, vitamins and mineral salts which derivate from wheat and garlic represents an excellent substitute for hair treatment with animal extract. It leaves the hair soft and strong and it is ideal to use on treated hair, such as bleached, dyed and permed.

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3737 Aloe Vera Hair Gel

Aloe Vera is famous for its moisturizing and healing properties. Vitamin B gives this special organic, alcohol, fragrance and color free compound an extra boost. Alcohol based hair gels can cause dry brittle hair. Nourish and control your unruly hair or sculpt beautiful twists. Combine this product with Sculpting Butter to add curl and bounce to your two strand twists, twist out and curly...

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3738 Styling Serum for Curls

Transforms dry, frizz-prone curls. Gives you shiny, frizz-free, natural-looking curls or waves.

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3739 Shea Mango Mask

A buttery blend that provides deep softening for your strands, and soothing herbs.

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3740 Nourish Conditioning Detangler

Vitamin E and aloe nourish dry hair back to good health. This milky formula helps to detangle stubborn knots and gently moisturize. Aloe creates a creamy mist of silk that leaves hair feeling soft and manageable naturally. Strengthen damaged hair with each use. The sweet fragrance of almond is enveloping and relaxing. Moisturizing regularly is the first step to a healthy hair care regimen.

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