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2131 Perfect Curls Refresh Instant Curl Reviver

Feel rejuvenated with our daily lightweight styling milk that instantly refreshes, restyles and revitalizes. LaCoupe refresh is an extraordinary curl reviving styler that transforms droopy waves and curls, releases tangles and promotes perfect curls. Wave patterns become more defined and curls come alive without frizziness. Simply spray on liberally to shape each curl for renewed definition all...

2132 Trend Starter Matte Wax

Alagio Matte Wax - Go high! Create sky high spikes that will give you extreme all day hold with a natural dry finish. Alagio Matte Wax will let you hold your extreme style in place. Great for those hard to style shorter cuts!

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2133 Honey Beez Stylin’ Beez Wax – Black

Use our NEW Honey Beez Stylin’ Beez Wax – Black to keep your locks tight!

This unique formula contains the finest 100% beeswax and is enhanced with Argan Oil to help condition and soften hair while providing maximum hold.

It’s great for twisting, braiding, crimping, curling, waving, and creating dreadlocks. Slick it or twist it to help hold your hair in...

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2134 Protein-Enriched Conditioner - For Dry, Damaged Hair

No. 1116 Protein-Enriched Conditioner Keratin Amino Acid 0.25%, Panthenol 1%, Cranberry & Blackberry Seed Oil 1%, Avocado Oil 0.5%. Our specifically formulated conditioner for hair that is dry, damaged or color-treated is designed to restore and protect hair. This ultra-moisturizing blend utilizes cranberry and blackberry seed oil to protect, avocado oil to moisturize and panthenol to smooth,...

2135 Kitoko Volume-Enhance Leave-In Treatment

Kitoko Volume-Enhance Leave-In Treatment with Date, Green Tea, Fire Tulip, Panthenol & Karite. This treatment blends specific natural African plant extracts with the unique Electron Acceptor Technology. This luxurious conditioning treatment has been created to revitalize fine, limp hair.

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2136 Neutra Foam Pre-Créme for Sensitive Scalp

Having a healthy scalp means having healthier looking hair. Use our Pre-Creme for the Sensitive Scalp to protect the scalp during the chemical relaxing process.

It is specially formulated with several ingredients that condition, soothe and protect both the hair and the scalp during the texturizing or relaxing process.

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2137 Curl Construct

Creates bold curls for a full, defined style. Use to create dynamic texture, support and define bold, layered curls and enhance natural waves.

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2138 Xtra Hold

A hard brilliantine that contains beeswax that contains superior hold and moisture for all hair types. Made to groom short, tight buzz cuts.

2139 Remix Gel - Fresh

Remix gel comes in three great fragrances and is geared for users who want more of everything...more hold, more fragrance, more thickness! Try it, but be warned...this stuff is strong!

2140 Intensive Shampoo

A rich nourishing shampoo is formulated with intense amounts of Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn) extract, to bring life to damaged, colored, or unmanageable hair. The Intensive Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse both the hair and scalp while stabilizing your hair's PH balance and preventing dandruff. By adding a vast array of nutrients to the hair, The Intensive Shampoo will eliminate spit ends,...

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