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2941 30-Day No Frizz Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This semi-permanent Keratin Smoothing Treatment takes your frizzy hair to a level of smooth you never thought you could achieve for up to 30 days*, with just one use. This at home treatment removes frizz from both curly and straight hair and softens the texture of curls and waves for faster, easier, straighter styling. The heat activated Keratin infused formula bonds to hair strands to...

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2942 Soy Lemongrass Ultra Hair Conditioner

Soy Lemongrass Ultra Conditioner is a light-weight conditioner that reduces frizz while adding intense shine and manageability.

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2943 Bhringaraj Oil

A tridoshic oil traditionally used to encourage healthy hair growth and better sleep. Bhringaraj oil is an excellent choice for massaging the scalp and feet. It also cools the head and calms the mind.

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2944 Cocoa & Yogurt Bar

Purgasm cleansing bars produce an abundance of light and creamy lather and leaves hair feeling clean, soft, moist, and easier to detangle.

Skin is left refreshed and renewed and the botanical blend's natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) leave your skin brighter, more even toned, with clearer and healthier pores! Say bye bye to dry, tangled, moisture stripped hair and dull skin and clogged...

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2945 güd Floral Cherrynova Natural Nourishing Shampoo

güd Floral Cherrynova Natural Nourishing Shampoo is a gentle shampoo that cleanses hair naturally, leaving it shiny and smelling like cherry blossoms and almond milk.

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2946 Short Sexy Hair Gleam Me Up Texture, Shine, and Hold Wax

Gives hair texture, definition and shine without stiffness. The result is a very natural and soft finish that provides great styling memory. * Provides texture and definition * Delivers light to medium hold * Adds lots of shine

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2947 Big Sexy Hair So Pumped Volumizing Mist

This medium-hold volumizing mist provides extra lift and softness. It's an all-in-one solution for those want a natural look that doesn't skimp on volume.

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2948 Sensitive Scalp Conditioning No-Lye Shea Butter Relaxer Kit

Kit contains 4 applications of cream relaxer (7.1 fl oz) and activator liquid (2.0 fl oz).

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2949 Satin Touch Natural Oils

A superior all natural head to toe oil with the addition of Hemp and Avocado. These "living" oils are cold pressed, leaving all the vitamins, and minerals intact. Softens and smooths the ends of dry hair instantly!!

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2950 Pro-V Stylers Extra Strong Hold Mousse

Lightweight polymers fizzle out frizz for the hold you need that won't leave your hair sticky or stiff. Level 3 Hold.

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