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4061 Advance Techniques Daily Results Mirror Shine Spray

Softer, smoother & silkier. 90% more shine*! Instant, long-lasting results. Weightlessly conditions and revitalizes any style.

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4062 Advance Techniques Daily Results Dry Ends Serum

Dramatically smoothes and nourishes dry, damaged ends. Seals the cuticle to tame flyaways, leaving hair incredibly shiny and silky-soft. Contains UV-filters for added sun protection.

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4063 Silkening and Curling Wax

A botanical blend of hops, nettle and natural oils formulated to protect the hair during thermal styling while adding a silky shine. This unique formula provides superior curl definition to enhance style memory. Penetrating conditioners seal-in moisture while providing a shield of protection against humidity. Leaves hair as smooth as silk. Perfect for maintaining or silkening-out locs.

4064 Advance Techniques Power Styling Super Straight Smoothing Balm

Eliminates frizz and flyaways for straight, sleek styles; boosts shine for silky hair.

4065 ForMatte Firm Paste

Cop an attitude for the moment or start a lifestyle. ForMatte gets a firm grip on your hair. Shape and mold to stay...inside the lines optional. Max-out on texture with powerful definition and separation or pump up the volume with relentless lift and hold. It remains pliable with re-workable control all day allowing you to reinvent your look as many times as you like.

4066 Organic Aloe Vera Spritzer

Use every day for styling or just spritz on for an easy pick me up. Great for maintaining curl definition in wash and go and 'fro' styles. All Natural also means no product build up! Available in Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Berries, Sweet Orange, Oriental Lavender, Island Patchouli, Desert Patchouli, Honey Dew Melon, and Lemon Lime.

4067 PhytoCurl Curl Defining Spray

Passion flower extract moisturizes and tones while a natural corn derivative gives your curls body and bounce. A natural photoprotection agent, extracted from Sunflowers, prevents oxidation caused by harmful environmental factors and makes hair increasingly resistant and strong. The result is a full head of perfectly defined, moisturized, and strengthened curls, beautiful and full of vitality.

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4068 Ylang Conditioning Shampoo

Rich, nutritious coconut ingredients gently cleanse and nourish your hair. This all-natural plant based shampoo is enhanced with pure essential oils that normalize oil production, enhance circulation and support the health of hair and scalp.

4069 Eclectic Fortifying Shine Serum

Truly works wonders for hair and skin. Zoe Eclectic Fortifying Shine Serum will protect and condition hair and skin from the harmful effects of nature while producing incredible shine.

4070 Eclectic Design Foam

The Zoe Line Eclectic Design Foam is an innovative formulation for wraps, finger waves, scrunch styles, soft freezes, traditional set and blow drys.