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from the kitchens of our dedicated curly readers.

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1 Any Type of Conditioner Submitted by Keiona on May 31 2014

Homemade conditioner

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2 AViiiGOLD Submitted by JAMiA716 on May 12 2014


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3 Easy way to make Flaxseed Gel Submitted by cnguillaume on May 8 2014

Flaxseed gel is very beneficial in physical health and also for hair health.

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4 Nourishing Deep Conditioner Submitted by jlexi63 on Apr 26 2014

This deep conditioner will work on any hair type! It will make dry frizzy hair, into beautiful moisturized curls!

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5 How I deep condition Submitted by JussTaylor on Apr 26 2014

African Shea butter, Water, Africa's Best oil (any of your choice) shea moisture conditioner (conditioner of your choice)

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6 deep condidioner mask Submitted by piagrover on Apr 21 2014

This is a deep conditioning mask that can be used for any hair type.

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7 Aloe Vera Detangler & leave-in Submitted by Afrobuttafly on Apr 16 2014

This mix can be used as a detangler and as a leave-in. I use it to detangle hair before shampooing or conditioner washing. I also use it as the liquid part of the LOC method. If using this mix as a leave-in you may add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice, as avj can have a less than pleasant aroma. I skip this step because I find that as the hair dries, the smell dissipates. Using...

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8 hot oil treatment Submitted by JoriPR on Apr 16 2014

Hi girls, i just get my Jbco, i did a oil treatment w it and some others oils that i have on hands. Ur hair will be soft, and well moisturize... i love it.

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9 Hair So Soft Oil Deep Conditioner Submitted by MrsRedKarma on Apr 14 2014

Something I threw together after coloring my hair. Results were AMAZING!

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10 Apple Cider Vinegar Xanthan Gum Detangler Submitted by smilesncurls on Apr 8 2014

So I've always just bought cheap conditioner and used it after washing my hair with Miracle soap. (BTW, this stuff rocks, look it up. I use it on my hair, face and body in a foaming bottle.) I got to the point where I made all my products for my body and hair except for conditioner. I tried a lot of different methods with oils, but it leaves a greasy film in my hair. So, I created the most...

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