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These homemade hair treatments come straight
from the kitchens of our dedicated curly readers.

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1 Super Mayo Deep Conditioning Treatment Submitted by nekiwa07 on Oct 20 2011

With this recipe, hair will retain moisture, increase in strength and elasticity, shine and overall health!

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2 Green Tea Vinegar Rinse Submitted by springrolls on Jul 28 2011

Add this to water washes between your shampooing/co-washing days for shiny obedient hair.

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3 Moisturizing Deep Conditioner Submitted by trezlen on Oct 20 2011

Use this recipe to moisturize and soften hair

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4 vinegar rinse Submitted by mommystears on Nov 8 2011

This is a clarifing rinse. It cleans of product build up.

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5 DIY Hair Oil using Jamaica Black Castor OIl Submitted by Laquita33 on Oct 20 2011

Easy DIY multipurpose hair oil treatment for pre-poo, sealing ends, scalp massage and everyday moisturizing.

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6 Lemon and Cucumber Shampoothie Submitted by SammySingally on Oct 26 2011

This is GREAT! The cucumber acts as a conditioning agent, and the lemon as a cleansing agent, so the two together are like a two in one homemade hair shampoo!

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7 Jojoba Hair Cleanser Submitted by Wavy-Swavy on Jun 26 2011

This is a great cleanser for all hair types

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8 Luxe Deep Conditioner Submitted by Resh238 on Nov 17 2011

This simple DC is made by adding natural ingredients to your favorite conditioner or using alone. The ingredients are readily available at your grocery store.

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9 All Natural Face Mask Submitted by Madibugg123 on Nov 20 2012

You can never go wrong with this mask! It cleans, scrubs, and moisturizes with one ingredient!

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10 Yogurt Hair Mask Submitted by Curly-Kinky on Jun 24 2011

This yogurt hair mask is awesome!

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