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1211 Tousle Me Softly Tousling Hair Mousse

Purpose: Volumizing, Medium Hold Type of Hair: All Hair Types Product Form: Mousse

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1212 DualSenses for Men Power Gel

Provides strong hold, protects against moisture loss and supports hair's natural resistance. For visibly perfect styles with strong hold and noticeably more energy.

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1213 Surf Girl Sea Salt Spritz After Beach Look

Keep your summer beach look for longer with Surf Girl. Applied to damp or wet hair this unique formulation gives a beautiful sexy beach look. The spritz causes contractions as hair dries and encourages natural curls and movement to even the finest of hair!

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1214 Shine Drops Smoothing Serum

Brocato Shine Drops Smoothing Serum is a lightweight, liquid shine enhancer for hair and skin. Shine Drops Smoothing Serum may be applied to wet or dry hair. Use to create high shine and definition on hair. Use on skin to achieve radiant, dewy skin. Brocato's Shine Drops is unique because it is a product with multiple uses; it can be used for hair and skin providing shine and total light...

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1215 Silk Sheen Leave-In Conditioner

Instantly detangles and conditions. Provides shiny, free-flowing manageability.

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1216 Liquid Rollers Curl Balm

concept. a moisturising curl styling balm that holds curls together and protects against frizz. benefits. enhances and holds curls and waves. reduces fizz and flyaway.

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1217 ColourStylist AntiBreakage Twist Shine Texturizer

Luxurious pliable paste strengthens and provides mild hold. Texturizes and defines while adding maximum shine. Free of petrolatum and mineral oil.

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1218 Tea Tree Styling Gel

Tea Tree Styling Gel for body and shine, helps you create your style with body and manageability. A flexible hold for reworking your style anytime. Botanical ingredients leave your hair smelling great.

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1219 Protein Free Styling Creme

A creamy, moisturizing styling gel that is heavier than the Gellie and contains a higher concentration of nature's most moisturizing ingredients. It's protein, glycerin, and aloe free. It is perfect choice for dry, damaged hair that needs moisture, curl enhancement and hold.

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1220 Protein Free Gellie

A protein free, moisturizing, light hold gel that offers great shine, softness, and enhances the curls without drying them out or weighing them down. The Gellie contains the moisturizing benefits of rose hydrosol, chamomile hydrosol, aloe vera and shea butter, as well as other great conditioning agents found in nature.

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