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611 Dream Big Detangler

Give your little princesses tangle-free hair! At long last, tangle-free hair is only a spray away. This moisturizing miracle worker gently detangles hair without any tears as it smoothes and nourishes with Cranberry and Lemon Peel Extracts. No pulling, breaking or damaging, so strands stay supple, soft and shiny. Dreams really do come true.

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612 C-Sytems Conditioning Mist

C-System Conditioning Mist - A vitaming rich conditioning spray to enhance softness and manageability while providing a hint of control.

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613 Porosity Control Corrector and Conditioner

Roux Porosity Control Corrector & Conditioner equalizes porous chemically treated hair and helps you obtain even results and maintain healthy hair.

Your hair will look naturally vibrant and tangle-free. Helps create more uniform color, perm and relaxer results. Great to use before and after chemical treatments to repair porous hair and ensure healthier, shinier hair.

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614 Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo

Proclaim Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo is a gentle cleansing, sulfate-free shampoo that replenishes moisture and detangles hair.

Shea Butter is naturally rich in antioxidant Vitamin E, and is known as “Mother Nature’s Conditioner” for its wide-ranging uses. Shea Butter Moisturizes hair and acts as a natural sealant. It is absorbed into hair strands, softening dried or fragile...

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615 Vive Pro Color Vive Conditioner for Color-Treated Regular Hair

Uses breakthrough anti-oxidant technology and 2 UV filters to seal in the vibrancy of your color-treated hair longer and protect it from fading. This specially designed formula deeply moisturizes every strand and gently cleanses without stripping, fading or dulling color. Keeps color truer, longer.

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616 Natural Apricot Shampoo

Enriched with Vegetable Proteins, Vitamins and Botanicals. Leaves Hair Nourished and Manageable. Nourishes your hair with natural botanicals plus vegetable proteins and vitamins. This moisturizing formula will leave your hair super clean, manageable and with superior body and shine. Nourishing, Volumizing and Moisturizing. What it means to use ORGANIC products: Many companies use the terms...

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617 Curl Keeper Slip 30 Second Detangler

Curl Keeper Slip 30 Second Detangler is a silicone free detangling leave-in conditioner that will instantly loosen hair knots, lock in hair colour and eliminate flyaway hair. The conditioning ingredients of Slip will leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny without ever over-moisturizing the hair. Slip has the strength to adjust the pH balance of your hair to give you strong healthy hair without...

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618 Magnetic Power Treatment

Treats hair with force-field strength Eliminates split ends Creates polarized shine

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619 Grothentic Nutrient Conditioner for Relaxed or Natural Hair

Formulated with strengthening proteins. Repairs pre-existing hair damage and enhances hair strength and elasticity. Moisturizes hair and scalp. Combing is easy and tangle-free. Saw palmetto, phytosterols and other natural ingredients stimulate the scalp.

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620 Biotera Color Care Intensive Reconstructor

Biotera Color Care Repair Treatment is a super-concentrated, single-dose treatment designed to prolong color retention and boosts color vibrancy. Repairs and strengthens dry and damaged hair. Natural botanical extracts help to add body, bounce and shine. Effectively repairs and revitalizes your hair leaving it soft, shiny and manageable. Hair looks and stays beautiful and healthy.

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