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611 CD4Kids Conditioner

Kids just want to have fun—even when they’re getting their hair conditioned! So keep them laughing with this moisturizing cream that magically creates incredibly soft hair that’s easy to manage. Aloe Leaf Juice moisturizes their hair so it’s easier to detangle, Soy Protein helps stop breakage and Sweet Almond Oil adds a boost of shine. Keep their hair super-shiny—and keep them...

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612 Spring Loaded Frizz-Fighting Conditioner

Rinse-Out Curl Detangler
Basics: Rich, creamy rinse-out conditioner detangles, de-frizzes, and defines curls.
Benefits: Replenishes moisture with jojoba oil and hydrating natural extracts.
Bonus: Leaves hair soft, smooth and frizz-free.
Details: Jojoba oil gives hair a silky smooth texture. A unique hydrating complex balances moisture, softens hair...

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613 Coiff Pre-Style Thermal/UV Protectant

This heat-activated leave-in conditioner helps prevent damage and distress from thermal styling, UV rays and wet combing. Detangle, defend. Color-safe & alcohol-free.

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614 Equalizing Detangler

Ultra-light conditioner lubricates the hair shaft, equalizes porosity and leaves hair tangle-free for easy comb through, body and bounce.

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615 Trinity Strengthening Conditioner

Surface trinity strengthening conditioner adds natural strength for all hair types. Amaranth, Soy and Keravis proteins strengthen, repair and condition. Beauty with a conscience.

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616 Bilberry Color Protect Detangler

An ultra-light leave-in conditioner reformulated with a UV filter to offer added colour protection! For perfectly manageable tangle-free hair. It's light formula means you can use it throughout the day without weighing the hair down. Contains a UV filter.

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617 Swell Volume Leave-In Volumizing Conditioner

Brocato Swell Volume Leave-In Volumizing Conditioner is a leave-in conditioning spray that transforms into an ultra-light volumizer, providing weightless detangling and full-bodied texture. This conditioning spray can be used after shampooing to detangle, protect and volumize the hair. It is recommended for those with fine to medium hair texture. Brocato's Bentonite & Kaolin Clays and Hydrolyzed...

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618 IKove Acai Chocolate Conditioner

This ultrarich conditioner detangels and hydrates dry hair with rain forest cupuacu butter, babacu oil and cocoa butter while the powerful antioxidants of acai and vinegar revitalize chemically treated hair. Regular use will significantly improve the condition of your hair.

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619 Acacia Milk Conditioner

Conditioning milk, which untangles the hair without any build-up effect. • Acacia milk combines the high content of milk in proteins and carbohydrates with Acacia' s moisturising properties. • Provitamin B5 easily penetrates into the hair shaft, providing long-lasting hydration.

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620 Cupuaçu Anti-Frizz Smoothing Shampoo


The only sulfate-free cleanser that gently removes buildup plus goes inside to end frizz-causing porosity as it polishes each strand and blocks humidity on the outside.

The only way to get long-lasting sleek hair is to stop the true cause of frizz for a worry-free style that’s immune to humidity and heat damage. Frizz-fighting Cupuaçu, pronounced...

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