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611 Coils & Curls Care Package

6 amazing products for you to try!

Experience the superb performance of As I Am products with this economical starter set. Designed to nurture and style the texture that’s naturally yours.

A wonderful collection of products formulated with an impressive assortment of nature’s finest organic ingredients.

612 Shock Me Straight

For Smoothing, Straightening and Adding Shine to all Hair Types Shock Me Straight is the ultimate spray aid for straightening all types of hair. It protects against heat, styling tools, climate changes, and humidity while eliminating frizz and flyaways. The hair will easily detangle and stay smoother and straighter for longer periods of time. This cutting edge lightweight spray locks in moisture...

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613 Gabby's Curly Hair Cream

A super rich yet non-greasy cream that defines curls and restores moisture while deep conditioning hair from root to tip. It adds sheen, enhances manageability, delivers nutrients, protects and conditions hair making detangling a breeze. Ideal for ALL curly, coarse and kinky unrully hair types. This product doubles as a conditioner.

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614 Grothentic Vitalizing Shampoo For Relaxed or Natural Hair

Sulfate free formula gently cleanses the scalp and hair of excess oils and debris. Fortified with B vitamins and select herbal extracts that stimulate the scalp and energize the hair follicle. Features all-natural DHT blockers. (Excess DHT weakens and destroys the hair follicle.) Moisturizes, strengthens, and wonderfully detangles hair.

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615 Silk Detangling Leave-In

This wonderful leave in conditioner works as a superior detangler to condition dry hair. DL Panthenol fortifies and adds strength to the hair. This leave in will give your hair superb wet combability, and excellent curl retention. No more fly away static and setting and styling will be a breeze!!

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616 Super Softy Conditioner

Conditioner for kids. Provides moisture for real hair repair and restores super smoothness and softness.

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617 Lovely Locks Moisturizing Baby Conditioner

SKIN by Monica Olsen® Lovely Locks Detangling Baby Conditioner contains Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Pansy, Red Marine Algae, Aloe Vera, vitamins and minerals to soften baby’s hair— not harsh chemicals or alcohols that strip away natural oils. Lovely Locks will leave baby’s hair silky soft. Our products are hypoallergenic and will not irritate baby’s eyes and skin.

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618 Milky Sheen

Control and shine spray. Great with ceramic irons. Curly or straight styles. Perfect for wigs and hair weaves. The perfect lightweight formula with botanicals designed to detangle, soften, control frizz, protect, moisturize, and add and natural looking shine to human and synthetic wigs and hair extensions.

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619 Miso Knotty Leave-In Detangler

A gentle, moisturizing silk and soy infused Cibu leave-in detangler perfect for all hair types.

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620 Natural Apricot Shampoo

Enriched with Vegetable Proteins, Vitamins and Botanicals. Leaves Hair Nourished and Manageable. Nourishes your hair with natural botanicals plus vegetable proteins and vitamins. This moisturizing formula will leave your hair super clean, manageable and with superior body and shine. Nourishing, Volumizing and Moisturizing. What it means to use ORGANIC products: Many companies use the terms...

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