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251 Platinum Hot Spray

Kenra's Platinum Hot Spray is the ultimate thermal protection with a long-lasting firm hold. Uniquely formulated to prevent thermal damage while permitting a clean release from styling tools.

252 Air 365 Ion Booster Ceramic Heat Hair Dryer

CHI Air 365 Ion Booster Ceramic Heat Hair Dryer with Ion Ozone Generator releases 1,800,000 negative ions per 3cm3 for quick speed drying time while protecting the hair from the heat. It leaves the cuticle smooth, prevents electrostatic flyaways and protects hair color, all while providing unparalleled shine.

253 Strait Time Hair Straightening Gel

Now you can choose when to go curly or straight with this unique non-chemical temporary straightener with thermal protection.This product relaxes curls and waves leaving hair soft and shiny. It will reduce frizz and protect hair form heat. Humidity resistant!

254 Foam Wrap Lotion

Huetiful Foam Wrap Lotion is a conditioning thermal lubricant; allowing for rod set, twist set, and comb or finger coil sets while keeping hair and scalp from feeling dry.

It provides a natural yet controlling hold. Achieve absolutely no flaking or dulling white film with Huetiful Foam Wrap Lotion. Used at Huetiful Salon by our licensed Professionals.

255 Macadamia Nut Leave-In Conditioner

Huetiful Salon Tested. Client Approved - Macadamia Nut Leave-In Conditioner gives you 48 hours of moisture, protection from heat, and shiny hair. Use as a conditioner throughout the week or as a detangler to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls, and tangles from textured hair. Perfect for all hair textures.

Macadamia Nut oil is excellent for retaining moisture, preventing...

256 Thermal Gel Styler

A styling gel with state-of-the-art heat protectors built in, allowing you to use blow dryers and flat or curling styling irons to create great looks without the damage typical of exposing your hair to all that styling tool heat.

257 Prime Protecting Hair Spray

Prime Protecting Hair Spray has it all…heat protection and just the right amount of hold and shine. Prime guards your hair from the dangers of becoming beautiful-blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons alike.

258 Shine Tattoo

This lightweight spray gives instant high shine! With shea butter, jojoba oil and sunflower oil to provide moisturizing and conditioning properties while protecting the hair from heat styling. The combination of sunscreen with Vitamin E and C provide protection from sun radiation and free-radicals.

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259 Finishing Treatment

Rahua Finishing Treatment strengthens hair and provides a glossy weightless finish. It’s perfect for those who love cream-based (and silicone-free) formulas for instant dry hair repair and it also prevents hair from splitting during blowouts, hot-ironing, and combing.

The super-fine rahua oil molecules penetrate deep into the hair’s cortex to rebuild even the most damaged tresses....

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260 Silicone Free Finishing Serum

Instantly restores smooth, shiny hair by locking in moisture. Innovatively formulated to weightlessly prevent hair from frizzing without the product buildup of a traditional, silicone based finishing serum or gloss.

SCIENCE AND INSIGHT BEHIND THE PRODUCT: This product uses innovative dry fluids that mimic silicone emollients. By mimicing the silicone emollients, Huetiful can create a...