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2861 Strengthening Miracle Hair Masque

Intensive conditioning treatment helps strengthen, repair & smooth damaged, stressed cuticles.

Formulated with penetrating moisturizers and conditioners that soften and shine, this restorative Argan Oil formula is an excellent treatment for chronically dry, brittle, damaged, coarse, or over-processed hair. Helps restore vibrancy to any hair type and texture.

This rinse-out...

2862 Treat & Repair Color Care Dual-Treatment Conditioner

Deeply nourishes with two formulas in one - the white stripe contains keratin and a nourishing protein complex that penetrates deeply to help repair dry, brittle hair, while the rich gold stripe conditions hair and locks in essential nutrients. Together, they help restore chemically processed hair to a healthy, smooth, soft look and feel.

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2863 Golden Blossom Hair Oil

Golden Blossom Hair Oil is formulated with castor oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil and a blend of citrus essential oils. It has a bright and refreshing aroma. And can be paired with our Juicy Body Butter and Soap.

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2864 Honeysuckle Hair Oil

Honeysuckle Hair Oil is a formulated with castor oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil and a blend of essential oils, resins and balsams that produce a deep and exotic aroma that conjures up a warm summer evening.

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2865 Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Shea Moisture Shampoo

Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Shea Moisture Shampoo is specially formulated to hydrate and enhance the definition of curls. The formula is fortified with frizz-deterring rice amino acids, ultra-hydrating shea, and tomato fruit ferment help ensure consistent curl formation for more defined looking curls. Creamy, sulfate-free formula won't strip curls of moisture.

  • Rice Amino Acids...

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2866 Rosarco Reparative Shampoo

Rosarco Reparative Shampoo enhances the hair's softness, strength, manageability and moisture levels while effectively cleansing the hair. This creamy shampoo contains a unique complex of nutrient-rich argan, rosehip, and coconut oils for superior nourishmen and repair. Coconut-derived cleansers, not sulfates, cleanse the hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

2867 Herbal Hair Oil

Herbal Hair Oil is formulated with castor oil, almond oil, vitamin E and a blend of essential oils produced from the flowers of green herbs. This clean, light and airy scent has aroma-therapeutic qualities that have an uplifting effect on your mood.

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2868 Herbal Hair Nutrition Conditioning Rinse

A healthy, nutrition filled conditioning rinse.

2869 Green Tea Hair Oil

Green Tea Hair Oil has the soothing scent of an Asian tea field. Formulated with castor oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil and Green Tea fragrance oil. This scent is the same used in Anu Essentials Green Tea body butter and soap giving you the option of wearing it from head to toe. Fragrance oils are used in all of their Green Tea products.

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2870 Curly Concoctions Hydrating Crème Concoction

Hydrating Crème Concoction offers a daily dose of nutritive oils and botanical fortifiers that deeply penetrate strands to address hair concerns related to hair and scalp dryness, and breakage while providing great styling versatility. This ultimate moisture mixture hydrates and defines the coarsest of curls and is perfect for use as a daily moisturizer or leave-in on wet tresses.

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