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2861 Travel Kit

A convenient travel pack containing 2 oz. sizes of Bee Mine's Botanical Moisturizing Shampoo, Bee-U-Ti-Ful Deep Conditioner, Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz, and Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer.

Keep your hair moisturized, healthy and looking its best while on the road, in the air, or lounging by the beach.

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2862 Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food

Infused with one of the world's oldest botanicals, Fountain's Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food, provides nourishment to your scalp, is anti-bacterial, removes toxins, treats dry scalp, eliminates dandruff and more. Increased blood circulation due to herbal infusions will result in a renewed hair growth cycle. This unique formulation allows for complete & direct penetration to the hair cuticle....

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2863 Mighty Roots with Jamaican Pimento & Black Castor Oil

Just when you thought nothing could fix your traction alopecia or grow back your thin or non existent edges because of your mishandling of the weakest area of your crowning glory! Do you need to restore, renew or thicken thinning temples? Then meet Mighty Roots, another proven, revolutionary Fountain Jamaican gift to the world!

This organic deep nourishing oil rich in vitamins, minerals...

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2864 Miracle Oil

Natures's perfect solution! Miracle Oil is a blend of 100% natural & essential oils, featuring Tea Tree Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Vitamin E with limitless uses and benefits!

An all natural antifungal & antibacterial treatment for skin ailments from damaged cuticles, nail fungus, cuts, piercing, tattoos and skin rashes.

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2865 Miracle Oil Tea Tree Shampoo

Miracle Oil Tea Tree Shampoo combines the nourishing and moisturizing properties of Hemp Seed and Argan Oils with the soothing qualities of Tea Tree Oil. This sulfate-free formula soothes dry, itchy scalp and is great for parched or damaged hair.

Perfect for all hair types, it enhances the health and natural look of your hair and is gentle enough for daily use.

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2866 Taiga Formula series Re-Generator

Made in Russia - Cream for dry hair

2867 Remi Leave-In Conditioner

This elegant Moisturizing and Detangling milk perfect for revitalizing your curls whether natural or extensions with intense moisture.

The spray on formula detangles immediately and finishes with a natural shine. Wheat germ oil and Panthenol strengthen your curls while giving premium control.

Hair is noticeably softer to the touch, nourished with moisture and with a natural...

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2868 Hydrate Me Moisturizing Mist

Dry curls no more! Natural hair never felt so soft.

Second day curls are just as great as the first with Hydrate Me Moisturizing Mist. Your hair will be strengthened with this special blend of vitamins and proteins.

Spritz daily for moisture and definition. Nice enough to use everyday without build up!

Key Ingredients:

  • Vegetable glycerin an extremely...

2869 Bouncy Curls Ultra Rich Hydrating Crème

Ultra rich hydrating cream, with olive and grape seed oils, Bouncy Curls has been made specifically to create the soft touchable curls you’ve always wanted!

Olive and grape seeds oils infuse moisture while our proteins strengthen and protect your tresses from frizz.

Whether you have kinky, curly or wavy curls, Bouncy Curls will create the spring in your...

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2870 Braid Sheen & Leave-In Conditioner with Shea Butter

This pleasantly aromatic blend of Shea Butter, Tea Tree, Rosemary and Jojoba Oils with Aloe Vera penetrates quickly and deeply into the hair and scalp without heaviness. It will help alleviate itching, deliver outstanding highlight and sheen to dull, dry and lifeless hair.

Excellent for Braids, Dreadlocks & Twists.

Key Ingredients:

  • Shea Butter
  • Tea Tree...

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