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3061 Brassica Seed & Shea Oils Silkening Shampoo

What it is:
A gentle, sulfate-free cleanser for smooth, shiny hair.

What it is formulated to do:
This gentle cleanser washes away impurities and residue so nothing stands in the way of silky-smooth styling. Infused with moisture to pamper dry, heat-styled hair, it leaves hair soft and shiny. Dual encapsulation technology ensures a smooth finish as tiny...

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3062 Brassica Seed & Shea Oils Silkening Conditioner

What it is:
A restorative conditioner to soften and smooth hair instantly.

What it is formulated to do:
Uncontrolled high heat and tension can make hair dry and difficult to control. Instantly soften and smooth with this restorative conditioner, so hair is left easy to manage. Dual encapsulation technology ensures a smooth finish as tiny microspheres deliver...

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3063 Scent & Shine Brassica Seed Oil

What it is:
A hair oil that smooths and moisturizes while adding incredible shine.

What it is formulated to do:
A natural alternative to silicone, Scent & Shine Brassica Seed Oil smooths, silkens, and moisturizes while creating beautiful luster. It features a tempting blend of spun sugar and red velvet cream, and leaves hair nourished and...

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3064 Loc Oil - Coconut Black Castor Blend

Bring your locs to life and give them your love and energy with this softening, all-natural home blend of loc oils. Small batch made with care. Khinky's blend of Loc Oil is infused with softening, cold pressed organic coconut oil mixed with rich avocado oil. They also add follicle healing essential oils to nurture your scalp and sprouting locs, and add a touch of black castor oil to thicken and...

3065 Enhance Ritual Biphasic Infusion

Biphasic infusion is an innovative product that combines natural ingredients with modern science. Biphasic Infusion is a potent rejuvenating concentrate and the perfect multipurpose primer for every hair type.

Containing the highest content of Pai-Shau's Signature Exotic Tea Complex, Biphasic Infusion provides extreme shine and healthier looking hair from the very first use. An...

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3066 Blooming Moisture Mist

Daily Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner - Perfect for all Hair Types

This refreshingly hydrating mist provides shine, moisture & aids in detangling hair.

Key Ingredient Benefits:

  • Aloe Vera Juice: Highly moisturizing, soothing, aids the elimination of dryness and provides luster to the hair.
  • Marshmallow Root:Has antibacterial properties, slip...

3067 Caribbean Coconut Milk "Black Honey" Leave In Conditioning Spray

G'Natural Caribbean Coconut Milk "Black Honey" Leave In Conditioning Spray, with carrot and castor oil, is formulated with the finest natural ingredients to keep hair resilient and bring dry, damaged hair back to a healthy state.

It’s infused with natural emollients that moisturize, detangle and condition, while gently hydrating your hair from root to...

3068 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Treatment

25 Miracle Milk is a lightweight leave-in treatment that provides 25 benefits in just a few sprays. This easy-to-use product preps hair for styling, helps detangle with less breakage, provides moisture, protects against heat damage and is free of paraben, sulfate, drying alcohols and mineral oil.

Infused with Xylose, sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Fennel Seed Extract to provide...

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3069 Mango Coconut Sunshine

Step into the sunshine with this creamy leave-in daily moisturizer.

No artificial colors added, no ingredients you can’t pronounce. Just natural goodness that will get your hair in the condition you desire! Moisturized hair grows! Great for wash-n-go's and twist-outs! Relaxed hair is welcome as usual! It’s also great for the skin!

3070 Manuka Flower Honey Strengthening Shampoo

Palmer's Manuka Flower Honey Strengthening Shampoo is a moisturising sulfate-free shampoo with the addition of Amla Oil, Cocoa & Shea Butter. Cleanses and purifies hair and scalp while essential fatty acids, vitamins and rich nutrients strengthen hair follicles and restore moisture, softness and shine.

Palmer's natural Manuka Flower Honey is harvested directly from New Zealand. This...

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