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3061 Sunsorials After-Sun Shampoo

Matrix Biolage Sunsorials After Sun Shampoo - Gentle cleansing agents remove salt and chlorine without stripping. Sunsorials After Sun Shampoo restores hydration and shine leaving hair soft, silky and manageable.

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3062 Moisture Fast Food Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Finally, a fast food that’s good for you. Fast Food sulfate-free shampoo is unbelievably rich and full of moisturizing lather, providing extreme hydration to chronically dry hair while being light enough for all hair types. For optimal results follow with our nourishing Fast Food leave on conditioner. pH 5.5-6.5

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3063 Hydrate Moisture Control Shampoo

Hydrate Shampoo is like a cold water bottle for a parched wanderer in the desert. Combining oil treatment with our premium dry skin shampoo formula for maximum results.

Hydrate has everything you need to recover from dry scalps, as long as you make sure to avoid dryness-increasing activities (such as hot water, too much shampoo, poor diet, etc.), thus providing a purely holistic...

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3064 Brilliant Brunette Lustrous Touch Smoothing Conditioner

Smoothing Conditioner with deeply hydrating Satin Finishers smoothes out the cuticle and seals in moisture for a glossy finish all day. The result is brunette hair that shines with deep, rich color and feels as smooth as satin.

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3065 Revitalizing Mist

Weightless leave-in conditioner and toner Refreshes and restores moisture Detangles and preps hair for styling Reactivates style weightlessly without washing Alcohol-free Fortified with Ojon® oil, an ancient native secret to naturally beautiful hair from Central America's Tawira tribe, known as "the people of beautiful hair.™" Ojon® Revitalizing Mist A weightless pre-styling leave-in...

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3066 Tea Tree Shampoo

Our Tea Tree Shampoo contains a special formula comprised of natural ingredients for those looking to combat mild-to-moderate dandruff and heal scalp blemishes - while clearing out old skin cells from hair follicles to stimulate new hair growth. This formula guarantees your hair the feeling freshness and revitalization after each use. Fragrance-free, yet still provides an energizing scent due to...

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3067 Systematic Deep Conditioner

Helps restore moisture, strengthen, de-frizz, reduce breakage and improve the results of heat damaged hair. Systematic Deep Conditioner is an innovation in the science of hair nourishment. Get that perfect balance of protein and moisture in one treatment. Wheat Protein, Jojoba Oil, Keratin, Calendula and Geranium repair, condition, soften and add shine to hair.

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3068 Ultimate Red Color Restoring Glaze with Vibrant ColorComplex

Restorative color glaze imparts subtle color with pure grade pigments. Helps return hair to just out of the salon radiance. Contains Vibrant Color Complex, a unique blend of plant extracts including nettle and juniper, vitamins and shine enhancers to keep your red hair vibrant and to protect your color from fading due to repeated washing and environmental damage. Nourishes and helps to repair...

3069 Smoothing & Hydrating Shampoo

Moisturizes, cleanses, softens, shines. Gentle cleansing enhances curls, combats frizz and boosts shine on curly or wavy hair.

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3070 Liquid Fabric Mineral Texture Spray

Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric Mineral texture spray is designed for curly and wavy hair. Activates and refines curls and waves with lasting body and texture.

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