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2471 Vibracolor Fire & Ice Fade Prevent Potion

Brocato Vibracolor Fire & Ice Fade Prevent Potion is an “intelligent” potion that heals dehydrated hair while imparting shine and climate controlled hold. Abundant with emollients and anti-oxidants, this amazing potion will provide color stability with a beautiful shine. This potion should be used by those who want a styling product that provides additional conditioning & moisture to hair....

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2472 Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Illuminating Conditioner with Crystaline Complex

Conditioner lightly coats each hair strand to provide non-stop brunette shine. Formulated with an exclusive Shine-Infusing Complex, Brilliant Brunette® Liquid Shine Illuminating Conditioner penetrates damaged areas within the hair while it polishes the exterior of each strand to optimize the reflection of light and create a crystalline shine.

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2473 Expressions Color Enhancing Conditioner, Toffee to Almond

Designed for lighter brunette shades of natural, color-treated or highlighted hair. Non-color depositing formula, with oat protein extract, gives radiance to flat color. Depth-enhancing moisturizers fight dryness and dullness for healthy shine and strength. Made in USA of US and Imported Ingredients.

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2474 Yodel-ay-he Shampoo

It's time to yodel for a great shampoo! Rich in milk chocolate scents, this tear-free product has the perfect recipe for lively, shiny, and healthy hair. Designed for everyday use and for all hair types, Niklas' Yodel-ay-he 2-in-1 Shampoo prevents brittleness and breakage, while building healthy and strong hair with Wheat Proteins, Panthenol, Glycerin and botanical extracts of Lavender, Cocoa,...

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2475 Organic Aloe Vera Spritzer

Use every day for styling or just spritz on for an easy pick me up. Great for maintaining curl definition in wash and go and 'fro' styles. All Natural also means no product build up! Available in Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Berries, Sweet Orange, Oriental Lavender, Island Patchouli, Desert Patchouli, Honey Dew Melon, and Lemon Lime.

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2476 Cream for Style

Superior style and substantial shine are a quarter-size dollop away. This stylists staple offers firm yet flexible all-day hold and tames frizz with rich moisturizers. Loves curly and straight hair equally.

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2477 Advanced Haircare Power Moisture Hydrating Conditioner

Power Moisture Conditioner instantly provides a rush of moisture, leaving hair soft, shiny, and quenched over time. Get up to 10X more moisture.

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2478 Sheer Magic Smoothing Balm

Silk Keratin Sheer Magic Smoothing Balm combines an ultra-conditioning leave-in treatment with a smooth styling product for the ultimate style preparation. Our blend of keratin and amino acids infuses hair with moisture and produces a strengthening barrier that blocks out humidity while locking in essential nutrients. Hair is nourished and easier to manage; style lasts longer, and feels...

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2479 Organics Oil Spray Oil Treatment for Hair and Skin

CHI Organics Oil Spray Oil Treatment for Hair and Skin is developed for all hair types. The benefits of Essential Oils, Natural Oils and Silk provide proper nourishment to hair and skin. The spray oil treatment restores hair to a brilliant reflection, protects hair against UV damage, repairs split ends, eliminates frizz and flyaways, defines curls, provides shine to dull lifeless hair without the...

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2480 Soy Lemongrass Ultra Hair Conditioner

Soy Lemongrass Ultra Conditioner is a light-weight conditioner that reduces frizz while adding intense shine and manageability.

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