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2471 Olive and Sunflower Oil Moisturizing Lotion

This light moisturizing lotion combines the legendary strengthening and nourishing benefits of olive oil with the luster-enhancing power of sunflower oil to give your child's hair the extra strength, shine, and softness to the touch you both will love! Soft and strong! Isn't that just how you want your princess?

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2472 Compositions Foaming Wrap Lotion with Echinacea

Compositions Foaming Wrap Lotion has been designed to create smooth wraps, sets, and molds with excellent hold for various styling. It detangles hair on contact and leaves a radiant, glossy sheen. As an added benefit, Compositions has been infused with Echinacea to lightly condition and help heal stressed, fragile hair.

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2473 Moisture Magic Gift Set

A limited edition holiday set of products that add moisture and shine to dry, damaged hair. Elegantly packaged in recycled-content boxes, these luxurious, natural products make the perfect gift for anyone on your list! Get yours while supplies last!

• Emollience Pre-treatment (3 oz.)
• Intense Quench Deep Conditioner (8 oz.)
• Oasis Moisture Gel (8 oz.)

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2474 Sweet Velvet Strengthening Mist

Shield the hair from thermal damage; replenish, restore, and repair the hair cuticle from the inside out.

This robust blend of oils with hydrolyzed wheat protein will aid in protecting ones hair from heat damage. This will not only protect but strengthen the outer layer of hair, preventing dryness, that causes breakage and split ends; giving shine and softness. This mist can be used on...

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2475 Glow Glisten Spray

Brocato Glow Glisten Spray is a product developed by Sam Brocato that provides the ultimate shine experience! Add a little or a lot to achieve dazzling shine results. Use Brocato's Glow Glisten Spray as a final touch to any style or anytime hair is dry or lacks shine and luster. It was specially formulated to enhance how light reflects on all hair shades. .

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2476 Go Intense! Hair Color - Original Black

Intense color meets intense care! Anti-drying creme gel color formulated with olive oil.

Go intense! is our first intensifying hair color line precisely calibrated to work with the natural undertones of dark hair to deliver high reflective color and intense shine.

Get intense color results with perfectly balanced color dyes that deliver intense, visible high reflect color on...

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2477 Pro-V Stylers Strong Hold Gel

Now control freaks can really shine. Keep your locks glossy and in place all day. Also a fave of Pantene Celebrity Stylist Danilo.

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2478 Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Thermo-Shine

Thermo-Shine was developed especially for flat ironing so the iron glides smoothly through the hair, leaving behind a lustrous shine and radiance. Our innovative silicone compound protects against thermal damage as it smooths, conditions and seals the hair. Thermo-Shine can also be used as a finishing product to reduce flyaways and add shine and luster.

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2479 Wave By Design Mist and Shine Dry Finishing Spray

Mist & Shine Dry Finishing Spray is an extremely lightweight maintenance product designed to soften and moisturize curls, body waves and even natural hair textures. Wave by Design Mist & Shine delivers the perfect blend of humectants and conditioners that help maintain the proper moisture balance for permanent waves and dry curls. It leaves the hair totally shiny and extremely manageable.

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2480 Liquid Latex Jelly Pomade

Brocato Liquid Latex Jelly Pomade is a water-based, water soluble product that literally reconstitutes itself (looks like new) after each application. It is a curiously chunky, stretchy jelly pomade. It is used on towel-dried to totally-dried hair. Liquid Latex is best used as a styling tool to separate and place hair. It can also be used as a light hold finishing product. This unique product...

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