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271 Smooth and Moisture Recovery Shampoo

Break the cycle of hit-and-miss cocktailing with Eco Cocktail, for curl maintenance and style, saving time and money. Eco Cocktail for natural textures blends natural ingredients for softer, stronger hair with defining style and results that are nothing short of beautiful. Controls Frizz, Smooths and Cleanses. A creamy luxurious shampoo that gives curly, kinky or wavy textured hair instant...

272 Velcro Strips

White Sands Velcro Strips are ideal for creating waves, volume, and curls for wet or dry hairstyling. Creating results with volume has never been easier since these strips do not get stuck or pull hair when removed. Use our Velcro Strips with any of the Liquid Texture Sprays and get soft, textured curls with volume and shine. White Sands Velcro Strips give you countless options for texture,curls,...

273 Extra Long & Wide Styling Kit

If you want long curly hair then this styling kit is ideal for use on long hair up to 22" (55cms) long, the Curlformers Extra Long & Wide Styling Kit gives you everything you need to create a mass of perfect curls!

This attractive, portable PVC holdall with matching trim contains 40 Extra Long & Wide Curlformers: 20 clockwise and 20 anti-clockwise. You can create long curly hair in...

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274 Molding Wax Pliable Hair Wax Flexible Hold

A unique styling tool that easily creates lift, texture, and separation for unstructured looks or clean, polished styles while adding incredible texture and control.

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275 Pomade Refined

A clean-cut style that doesn't look wet. Made in Canada Finger. Rub. Spread. See inside cap for more.

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276 Volumizing Shampoo

Yes To Tomatoes Volumizing Shampoo cleanses, volumizes and thickens your hair.

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277 Leave-On Conditioner and High Gloss Shine Spray

This leave-in conditioner and high-gloss shine spray creates soft, smooth conditioning, maximum volume and lift, and intense shine.

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278 Jane Carter Restore Moisture Mist

Moisture Mist with amino acids & silk protein. Daily Shea Hydrator and Moisture Mask. Daily water based mist seals in complex amino acids to strengthen and hydrate. Adds complex Amino Acid and Silk protein necessary to rebuild stronger, shinier hair.Water based spray infused with Shea Butter, Sage, Nettle and Rosemary. Great for daily use to hydrate and reactivate products in ‘second’ day...

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279 Volumizing Mousse

Rusk Mousse Volumizing Mousse provides long-lasting strength, volume and style retention that holds up in humidity. Formulated with Style+Strength Complex, which provides color protection and strengthening benefits. Provides thermal protection, crunch free and non-sticky.

280 Curl Keeper Beach Mist

Curl Keeper Beach Mist will drastically improve the moisture balance that is essential for creating volume, bounce and strength to your hair. With 84 trace elements that are brewed from Pink Himalayan Crystal Salts, these energizers work like electrolytes drawing moisture from the air to your hair and skin. Experience the powerful energy of the ocean air.

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