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91 Mongongo & Banana Hair Food Masque Deep Conditioning

99.7% Natural. Super food for your hair. This nutritious masque softens hair, encourages growth and helps to repair damage.

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92 Hair Balms

Zuri Natural's 100% natural hair balms are packed with nutritious oils and butters. It has been designed to nourish and repair dry damaged hair. The moisturizing and soothing action of coconut, shea butter, beeswax and essential oils help to deliver nourishment to the hair shaft. -Hair loss: Essential oils of West Indian bay, Rosemary, Basil & Lavender -Dandruff: Tea tree, lemon, Patchouli,...

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93 Natural Styler

Creamy moisturizing formula holds natural hair in place between shampoos. Perfect for braids, twists and starting locks.

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94 Temple and Nape Grow

Comes to her temples' rescue, sirens blazing. This is real help for your little girl's tender temples and nape. Our soothing treatment of almond butter, vitamins, and minerals goes right to work, healing both of these tough areas with a warm tingle that instantly lets her know her new, stronger, hair is on the way.

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95 Moisturizing Mango Butter Cream for Curlz

This curl refining cream activates, moisturizes and rejuvenates curls

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96 Desert Moisturizer and Leave-in Conditioner

With the hydration that dry hair needs, and the nourishing oils to seal in moisture, this is Bear Fruit Hair's best-selling product, formulated for the driest hair conditions. With daily use, you'll see your dry hair brought back to life. Unscented.

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97 Naturally Straight Flat Iron Ultra-Straightening & Smoothing Butter

This feather-light straightening therapy smoothes cuticles, replenishes moisture. Protects from heat damage nd elaves hair super shiny & moveable. Use with a heat applicnce to go from wavy, curly or kinky to super straight without weighing hair down. CONTAINS NO WATER, ALCOHOL, PETROLATUM OR MINERAL OIL.

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98 Shea Mango Mask

A buttery blend that provides deep softening for your strands, and soothing herbs.

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99 Desert Castor Seed Moisturizer

This is our best-selling Desert Moisturizer with castor seed oil added for extra moisture sealing. Unscented. Note: Castor seed oil can have humectant properties. Make sure it works for you in your particular environment.

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100 Olive and Avocado Moisturizing Hair Butter

This product is designed to nourish and moisturize the hair. Ideal for creating and defining kinky curls.

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