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151 Super Soft Butter Blend

Use Truly You Super Soft Butter Blend as a weekly “Pre-Shampoo” treatment, daily natural hair moisturizer or a soft-set styling cream that adds shine, promotes thickness, and hydrates your thirsty hair. Truly You Super Soft Butter Blend is made with a special combination of shea butter and natural oils to provide your natural hair with a TRIPLE SHOT of moisture.

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152 Hair Butter

Light Hairdress Moisturizes and Softens for Perm or Natural Hair Ingredients: shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, apricot oil, beeswax

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153 Strength and Emollient Butter Cream

A rich, creamy moisturizer that strengthens & soothes your natural skin & hair. • Mango Butter smooths, softens, hydrates, grows, heals, & protects • Carrot Oil has excellent anti-aging properties & nourishes, retains growth, shines, & protects • Sweet Almond Oil moisturizes, strengthens, grows, & conditions


Keep your skin looking and feeling its best with the power of our solid natural Lotion Bars! We know that your skin is thirsty for moisture, no matter the season. We also know that most commercial lotions are loaded with chemicals that can actually make your dry skin worse, not better. When you're looking for a natural alternative that will leave your skin soft and healthy, natural Lotion Bars...

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155 Extra Conditioning Hair Butter

Extra Conditioning Hair Butter is for those who have extra dry or damaged hair that need some TLC. This butter increases sheen and leaves overworked hair soft. It can be used everyday and especially is recommended after shampooing to seal in moisture and protect brittle, dry, and damaged hair.

156 Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Fight thinning and bald spots with our Jamaican Black Castor Oil enriched formula.

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157 Baby

Great detangler for kids of all ages.

158 Emu Oil

Enriched with Emu Oil to help with rapid growth.

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Want big, soft and fluffy curls? We’ve got the product for you. Fluffy Soft Styler is a light weight lotion that is perfect for Curlies to do a Wash & Go. Apply to damp hair and let air dry or use a diffuser. Now you are done and ready to enjoy the day. + avocado oil + safflower oil + hydrolyzed wheat protein - no parabens - no mineral oil - no sulfates - no petroleum

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Our newly formulated buttercreams are a delicious skin & hair treat made from crushed shea butter & nourishing edible oils. Rick, creamy & VERY thick! Grapeseed oil helps the skin maintain its correct cellular structure, allowing it to heal properly. The shea provides the skin with all the nutrients it needs during healing The oils are all blended together in the perfect combination for a thick...

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