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161 Whipped Organic Shea Butter

Shea butter is a thick and rich butter extracted from the kernel of the karite tree located throughout African savannas. For hundreds of years it has been valued for its vitamin properties because it is rich in Vitamins A, E and F. Our shea butter is unrefined organic and whipped with nourishing coconut, jojoba, and apricot oils for a creamy spreadable texture. It is made to easily penetrate skin...

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162 Vanilla Brown Sugar Loc Butter

This all-natural locking butter is designed for developing and maintaining dreadlocks, promoting hair growth, conditioning and glossing the hair, preventing and eliminating dandruff by moisturizing the scalp.

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163 Type 2 Hair Cream

Type 2 Hair needs a balance of both (50%)moisture and (50%) control. This product will provide both. Not too much moisture, and not too much control, just a perfect balance. Great for hair that is soft and fine, with a wavy pattern.

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164 Knot Sauce

A Nappilicious Reinvention of A Natural Hair Detangler, Super-Naturally Emphasized with Blue Malva Herb, Brocolli Seed Oil & Coconut Nectar for Excellent Comb-Thru Spreadability & Extra Softness! A lusciously creamy, delish blend of cake batter and butter icing with a hint of vanilla. The Proof is in the Sauce!

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165 Moisturizing Butter

Hydrate parched curls with our rich blend of oils and butters that provide long lasting penetrating moisture. This cream also provides mirror shine and smoothes frizz to prepare hair for set styles such as twist outs and coil outs. Enhanced with Shine-Infused Castor oil that helps prevent drying of the hair while adding gloss. Macadamia Nut Oil, providing damage protection to the hair shaft due to...

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166 Moisture Rich Hair Butter

Give dry or damaged hair a luscious, nutrient-rich treatment. Moisture Rich Hair Butter combines high concentrations of pure unrefined shea butter with a host of healing and essential oils. Decreases signs of damage and great for twists and locs.

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167 Unrefined Shea Butter

Fair trade, pure unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana, West Africa. Melted, whipped and scooped into a jar retaining its unmistakable raw scent and beneficial nutrients. Nothing artificial - just pure and natural unrefined shea butter in a jar.

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168 Mango Tea Scalp Butter

Mango butter has been used for years in the rain forests and tropical areas to soothe and protect dry skin. Add the benefits of stimulating essential oils and you have relief from dry, itchy scalp. 100% Natural

Similar to an old school "hair grease" the butter is applied to the scalp in sections and gently massaged throughout. Remember not to be too generous with the butter we don't...

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169 Butter

A balance between design and conditioning. Use it to texturize, define, add sheen, control frizz and intensely condition and protect from heat and sun.

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170 Califia Moisturizing Cream

Komaza Califia Moisturizing Cream is created for tightly curled or coarse hair. This moisture sealant is easily absorbed giving hair ultimate shine and softness while eliminating frizz all day. Provides hair with great weather and styling protection. pH Balance 4.5. It provides excellent slip for easy detangling. This heavy Cream minimizes shrinkage and loosens tight curls. A little goes a long...

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