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91 Curling Creme

Put those curls in check with Cutler Hair Care Curling Cream. A balanced blend of fruit extracts and proteins will give your curls strength, shine and protection. Curling Cream will provide your hair with the moisture it needs and easily defines each strand for a perfectly tousled look.

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92 Straightening Cream

Have beautifully smooth and sleek hair all day and night with Cutler Hair Care Straightening Cream. The special formula is comprised of a unique blend of fruit extracts and proteins that work together so your hair remains shiny, protected from the elements and, most importantly, straight.

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93 HAIRepair Intense Moisture Crème

HAIRepair Intense Moisture Crème will help restore the moisture to dry hair and scalp. This formula is enriched with a blend of avocado, coconut and other vital oils to add maximum moisture. With regular use, the hair will feel softer and have a healthy looking shine.

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94 Amla & Olive Heavy Cream

This thick, rich formula leaves extra dry, coarse hair soft and supple for days!

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95 Honey Dew Berry Conditioning Cleanser

Cleanses the hair without stripping of natural oils and moisture Helps retains moisture Strengthens the hair Blend of natural oils and preservatives Gently helps with detangling and knots This Honey Dew Berry Conditioning Cleanser for thin, thick, curly hair removes impurities without stripping hair of natural oils. Lightweight moisturizers soften and control frizz Made with...

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96 Frizz Calmplex

Helps eliminate frizz, defines curls, great for blow drying curly hair straight and smooth.

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97 Curl Definer

* This cream gel provides a soft, flexible hold that maintains curl definition. * Resins resist humidity, while kukui nut and avocado oils add condition and shine. * Achieve defined curls that are pliable, lustrous and manageable without leaving hair crunchy.

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98 Shine Miracle Combing Creme

Citre Shine Shine Miracle Highly Laminating Combing Creme is protect your strands from breakage and snarls with this Highly Laminating Combing Creme. Self adjusting conditioners attack & repair damaged hair while lightly conditioning healthy locks leaving hair smooth, frizz-free and incredibly radiant.

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99 Curlkarma Curl Energizing Cream

Brocato Brocato Curl Karma Curl Energizing Cream energizes and enhances waves and curls in fine to medium hair. Curlkarma literally transforms lifeless, droopy waves into perfectly defined, natural-looking swirls. Lightweight formula leaves hair feeling super soft and full of shine. This product is ideal for individuals with fine to medium hair texture with soft, delicate curls that tend to be dry...

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100 Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage and Anti-Frizz Styling Cream

No Parabens, No Mineral Oil, No Artificial Colors, No Petroleum

Say so long to unmanageable frizz and hair breakage, and hello to frizz-free and fortified hair. This protective blow dry cream repairs as it freezes your sleek style into place as you blow-dry and flat iron so you can...

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