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611 Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Treatment

Revolutionary approach to hair care!

Unscented. Fragrance free. No masking agents.

Handcrafted from simple formulations with relatively few, highly effective premium ingredients this moisturizing treatment is made with natural oils and butters. It is Intensively moisturizing and rejuvenating and formulated for natural and chemically-enhanced, fine to coarse hair,...

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612 Subdue Frizz Restraining Creme

A luxurious botanical blend, including green tea and chamomile, tames frizz on contact. Creamy texture controls volume and smoothes unruly hair. Apply to hair before or after drying.

613 Reparative Keratin Leave-In Treatment

Infuses protein that penetrates deep into the cortex of hair to fortify and rebuild. Keratin repairs and strengthens the fiber integrity while sealing the cuticle. This multi-functional conditioning treatment detangles, de-frizzes and adds shine for a smooth, silky finish.

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614 Couture Volumizing Creme

This Volumizing Creme will give your hair added fullness and maximum body that will last all day. It improves the health of the hair, strengthens it as well as adding shine. This volumizing Creme will also protect the hair from thermal heat damage and UV exposure. The creme also has anti-fading properties for prolonging color. This product is Paraben-Free, Gluten-free and 100% Vegan. The...

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615 EverStyle Alcohol-Free Smooth & Shine Creme

EverStyle Alcohol-Free Smooth & Shine Creme is a silkening creme that transforms hair from dry and brittle to satiny smooth. It conditions and seals the strand to help protect against damage from heat tools. No drying alcohols. Just brilliantly smooth and glossy hair. Science behind the beauty: Introducing lasting frizz control without drying alcohols. EverStyle, L'Oreal's first alcohol-free...

616 Full Thickening Cream

A lightweight cream that leaves hair looking and feeling noticeably thicker and healthier. This styling innovation allows fine, thin hair to act like thick hair with naturally soft, touchable body. By depositing thickening points on the hair strands, Full creates a thicker surface that enables fine hair to have natural movement and bounce, beautiful shape, and volume throughout the day. While...

617 Do Any Way You Want It Cream Moisturizer Curl Activator

Hawaiian Silky "Do It Anyway You Want It" Creme Moisturizer Curl Activator is made to enhance the look and feel of your hair with essential proteins that leave the hair free of tangles and snarls. With a combination of creamy moisturizers and curl activators, it enhances manageability and gives style, body and shine to your natural curls or cold wave.

618 Karite Special Combing Cream

Combing your hair is a breeze with Karite Special Combing Cream. With its irresistible fragrance, Karite Special Combing Cream nourishes and protects your hair while allowing you to comb and style your hair with ease. Without rinsing, the Combing Cream is a daily care which nourishes and hydrates capillary fibre, the product have nutritive properties and revitalizing action. It softens, protects,...

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619 Conditioning Oil Moisturizer 7 in 1 Formula

Hawaiian Silky Oil Moisturizer 7 in 1: A new light hair moisturizer that protects and moisturizes your hair. It strengthens the hair and helps eliminate dryness and brittleness caused by chemicals or heat. Excellent for the entire family. Use daily.

620 Shea-Coconut Light Moisturizing Creme

Penetrates hair shaft to hydrate and seals the cuticle layer for lasting moisturization. Leaves hair soft, shiny and free-flowing. For daily care use on all hair types. Great for frizz-free styling of naturally curly hair.

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