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651 ColourStylist Anti-Split Blow Dry Stying Cream

Lightweight humidity resistant cream. Adds moisture and reflective shine for an effortless blow-dry. Mild hold.

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652 ColourStylist Cuticle Polisher

Lightweight cream-to-serum formula. Seals and smooths hair with intense shine. Mild hold.

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653 Crème of the Crop Hair Finishing Crème - Lite/Paraben-Free

Take charge of your unruly locks. Smooth frizz, calm flyaways and soothe static while creating perfectly manageable hair. Refine your look for simply sophisticated style.

Formulated with silk proteins, extracts of vanilla and other key ingredients
Paraben-, phthalate- and petrolatum-free
Light fragrance of carrot

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654 Soft Curls Creme

Enrich with herbal complex extracts & conditioners well-known to add moisture to dry hair. Proteins Improve hair texture for thinning hair. Loosen curls & kinks to increase manageability. Decrease hair loss by stimulating growth.

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655 I.Dentity X.Alt Curl Exalter

A silky texture cream to define, seperate curls and tame the frizzies. Unruly ringlets find killer definition without stiffness. Grape Stem Cell Complex creates silky, sultry locks that stay smooth all day. Provides lift if applied at the roots. Humidity resistant.

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656 Pink Sugar Hibiscus Deep Conditioner

This product will provide you with moisture and hydration primarily deriving from the use of the antioxidant rich Hibiscus flower. You can use this cream at your leisure; meaning it could be a daily, weekly or deep conditioner.

Although I personally have never used it as a leave-in, there should not be a problem when doing so. If you decide to do so my recommendation would be use a...

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The Butter Cream that started it ALL! Using "Avocado" an incredible ingredient that contains a host proteins and vitamins, including A,D, E and B6 as well as magnesium, folic acid, amino acids, copper and iron, all of which can help stimulate both hair growth, moisturize and condition, while providing nourishment for you hair and scalp! The "Vanilla Oil" not only acts as a heavenly aroma but...

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All tied up in knots? All your twists and tangles can be turned into tasteful tresses. This fabulous conditioning formula will moisturize your hair and separate sticky locks and helps tame the toughest knots and tangles leaving you with smooth hair and pain-free brushing.It's better than salon formula! Infused with Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Panthenol and Quinoa Protein to to repairs...

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659 Nu Expressions BLT Twist Cream

Nu Expressions BLT Twist Cream contains natural tropical ingredients to begin and maintain healthy, lightweight braids, locks and twists keeping the hair frizz free with a natural luster. BLT Twist Cream is filled with stimulating agents that promote growth. Unlike other locking products, Nu Expressions doesn't have any dyes or artificial colors. The reddish color comes from a powerful hair...

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660 Pink Pearl 24/7 Styling Creme

A line of pink pearl bottles for everyday use. 24/7 is recommended for fine hair that doesn't require a lot of conditioning that would weigh down fine or thin hair. Fine or thin hair that has been color-treated or chemically processed should use moisturizing or Color's Best Friend, not the 24/7 line.

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