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651 Pro-V Anti-Frizz Curl Crème

Tame that mane with this powerful crème that wraps around each strand to define and separate curls while locking out frizz caused by humidity and styling damage.

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652 Smooth and Moisture Recovery Shampoo

Break the cycle of hit-and-miss cocktailing with Eco Cocktail, for curl maintenance and style, saving time and money. Eco Cocktail for natural textures blends natural ingredients for softer, stronger hair with defining style and results that are nothing short of beautiful. Controls Frizz, Smooths and Cleanses. A creamy luxurious shampoo that gives curly, kinky or wavy textured hair instant...

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Gracie’s Hair Butter is an All Natural, Handmade, creamy whipped butter. Proven to retain hair moisture, thicken hair strands and stimulate healthy hair growth. This nourishing blend is based with Organic Shea Butter and 8 Essential Oils. Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil are just some its finest ingredients. Great for your skin! This light and rich butter will leave you soft, not...

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654 Knot Ever Detangling Creme

Eliminates tangles and restores hair to a healthy moisture balance, while protecting against breakage. This creamy herbal conditioner is enriched with botanical extracts and organic ingredients to smooth the cuticles and to remove knots, snarls and tangles from all types of hair.

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655 Peppermint Herbal Conditioner

Peppermint is known for providing relief from stress, itchy scalp and mental exhaustion. Its oil is useful for hair care as it gives a cooling effect while leaving a "waxy" coating on the hair. The conditioner forms a protective layer over each hair, and restores moisture to hair follicles.

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SheaMoisture's Three Butters Styling Smoothie deeply conditions and restores moisture to dry, dull hair. Smoothes and defines all curl patterns, from wavy to tight curls. Leaves hair with a healthy natural shine.

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657 Intent Volumizing Creme

* Conditions and adds extraordinary lift and shine. * Soothes and hydrates the scalp. * Refreshingly rich body lotion. * Kiwi and other tropical oils. * For all hair types.

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658 Body Guard

This weightless and absorbent cream will smooth dry ends and remove frizz from damaged hair. Acting as a non-greasy thermal protector, Body.Guard is highly moisturising and will leave any hair type full of life and shine.

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659 Freeze and Shine Spray

Long lasting hold and brilliant shine make Paul Mitchell's Freeze & Shine Spray the perfect addition to your hair regimen.

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660 Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Focuses on promoting hair growth and healing by turning brittle or damaged hair into healthy tresses. Prevents hair breakage and delivers lasting moisture and vital vitamins that promote thick, strong and healthy hair.

This hair and scalp conditioner fights against dry, itchy, flaky scalp to penetrate damaged hair shafts, to deposit protein and moisture and to leave hair strong and...

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