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651 Keratin Emulsion

This smooth, frizz-controlling cream smooths and calms the hair cuticle. It will restore your curls strength and eliminate frizz.

652 Boost Cream

Anti-gravity volume cream with healthy shine. Take hair to new heights with American Crew Boost Cream. Formulated to enhance natural definition and separation for healthy volume and shine.

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653 Treat Hair Mask with Baobab Oil from Africa - Inflated & Split Ends Hair

A nurturing hair mask, enriched with Pro Vitamin B5, Jojoba Seed Oil and Baobab Oil.

This luxurious mask replenishes your hair moisture level, nourishing the hair fiber with crucial vitamins. Topganic's Treat Hair Mask provides flexibility and softness for your hair. Leaving your hair with a healthy shine. Wonderfully fragranced.

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654 Nu Expressions BLT Twist Cream

Nu Expressions BLT Twist Cream contains natural tropical ingredients to begin and maintain healthy, lightweight braids, locks and twists keeping the hair frizz free with a natural luster. BLT Twist Cream is filled with stimulating agents that promote growth. Unlike other locking products, Nu Expressions doesn't have any dyes or artificial colors. The reddish color comes from a powerful hair...

655 Hair & Scalp Conditioner

Focuses on promoting hair growth and healing by turning brittle or damaged hair into healthy tresses. Prevents hair breakage and delivers lasting moisture and vital vitamins that promote thick, strong and healthy hair.

This hair and scalp conditioner fights against dry, itchy, flaky scalp to penetrate damaged hair shafts, to deposit protein and moisture and to leave hair strong and...

656 Bye Bye Frizz Keratin Smoothing Blow Dry Cream

Get a perfectly smooth blowout with this dual purpose Blow Dry Cream. It can be used on straight or curly hair for a fool-proof sleek finish blowout, or on curls for defined scrunching and diffusing. K-Silk Complex creates a ‘protein shield’ on the cuticle to absorb damage caused by external factors (styling, hot tools, UV rays, etc.) leaving your own hair intact and stress-free. Smoothes...

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657 Style Defining Cream

Creates texture and definition to provide easy styling for all hair types and lengths. The creamy, hydrating formula is enhanced with conditioning agents and vitamins to promote healthy, shiny hair with a medium, touchable hold.

658 Knot Ever Detangling Creme

Eliminates tangles and restores hair to a healthy moisture balance, while protecting against breakage. This creamy herbal conditioner is enriched with botanical extracts and organic ingredients to smooth the cuticles and to remove knots, snarls and tangles from all types of hair.

659 Marilyn Hair Treatment

Softness, brightness and shine for blonde hair. Marilyn is for blondes who would like to stay blonde and become even more so, in a gentle, shiny and natural way. Use The Blonde shampoo, then use this pre-wash conditioner as a regular top-up.

660 Lavender Shea Body Soufflé

This ultra rich body moisturizer is a blend of natural unrefined Shea Butter with plant oils. Naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F, Shea Butter revitalizes, softens and helps restore skin elasticity. Sweet Almond, Coconut and Avocado oils combine to nourish the skin from the inside out.

Relax and Indulge with this Lavender essential oil Shea Body Soufflé.

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