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541 Naked Laid Edge Control

Naked Laid Edge Control is an oil & grease free gel that is used to smooth and hold the stray edges of the hair straight, while leaving it soft, pliable, and with a naturally brilliant shine. It is great as a spiking gel to assist in defining short spiky looks without a hard finish. It can be used before curling for a complete boost in curl definition and direction control, or when the style is...

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542 Hair Gel

Le Baby Hair Gel is made especially for babies, kids and anyone with sensitive skin. It is hypoallergenic, and it does not contain harsh chemicals, parabens, fragrances, or sulfates. Le Baby hair gel defines wispy curls and tackles unruly after-nap hair. Whatever your child’s hair type, Le Baby will make combing and styling a cinch. The unique formulas leave hair shiny, healthy looking, and...

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543 Travel Kit

A perfect introduction to the Bouclème range. Take on your travels or use as an introductory trial kit.

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544 Hold That Pose Styling Gel

Hold that fabulous hair style with this advanced gel product. Alcohol-free, light-weight and beneficial thanks to a heavy infusion of certified organic botanicals, this styling gel will keep you and your hair runway ready!

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545 Hair Stay Styling Gel

Long-lasting control and shine. No flaking or build-up. Humidity resistant. Alcohol-free. Shampoo soluble.

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546 Rockaholic Hardcore Spray Gel

A quick fix for a wicked style that stays. Antioxidants and a UV barrier help protect your Rocktastic look. We made that word up, but you’ll see what we mean. Spray, style and rock out.

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547 DualSenses Ultra Volume 60 second Gel Treatment

Goldwell DualSenses Ultra Volume 60sec Gel-Treatment features an ultra-light gel-texture with ultra fast results- intensive strengthening treatment strengthens and restructures hair in just 60 seconds. The Volume System and its Multi-Minerals work in combination with Instant Microfluid Technology for quick and even distribution through hair.

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548 Natural Tech Purifying Anti-Dandruff Gel

Contains a rich blend of essential oils. Stimulates & clarifies scalp. Helps exfoliate & remove flakes. Conditions & regenerates hair to promote health. Leaves hair smooth, soft & shiny.

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549 Couture Texture Styling Glue

This will add maximum texture to the hair as well as separation. This is a pliable styling glue that has a firm hold that keeps the hair in place. It also protects the hair from UV exposure. Firm, but pliable hold. Adds maximum texture, separation and control. Improves health, strength and shine to the hair. Protects the hair against thermal damage and UV exposure. Anti-Fade, Paraben-Free,...

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550 Short Sexy Hair Blow It Up Gel Foam

A gel foam and mousse in one, it supports the root and gives free-flowing volume. * Delivers weightless volume * Supports roots for fullness * Provides a non-sticky, medium hold

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