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331 Juicy Peach Kernel Nectar Natural Hair & Body Oil

If you are looking for a light body oil that absorbs easily into skin without leaving a greasy film, then your search is over! The Juicy Peach Kernel Nectar smells EXACTLY like fresh juicy peaches. You will feel like you just took a bite out of a ripe juicy peach when you smell our natural fruit nectar. Peach Kernel Oil is a very light, non-greasy, highly penetrating & moisturizing oil that is...

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332 Brazil Loc Oil

Brazil Loc Oil is an all natural blend of oils to help hair remain strong, healthy, and nourished. Brazil Loc Oil can be used on wet or dry hair for softness and shine. Apply to hair as a hot oil treatment or a pre-poo hair treatment. Apply to scalp for massaging to increase circulation.

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333 Baobab Face and Body Oil

This amazing and rare oil has been a well-kept secret for hundreds of years. Baobab oil is cold pressed from the seed of the baobab fruit, which is high in vitamins A and C. The fruit is from Africa's baobab tree, dubbed the "Tree of Life", which grows throughout Central Africa providing sustenance and precious oil. This healing oil helps to preserve skin elasticity and aids in preventing stretch...

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334 Tahitian Hair Oil

Tahitian Hair Oil adds a healthy, tropical glow to hair and skin, immediately soothing dry hands, elbows, feet & hair into silky softness! Treat yourself to our multi-use, divinely healthy vegan moisturizer.

Professional Performance
Helps Protect Color-Treated Hair from Fading
Light, Clean Hair & Skin Oil
Instantly Smooths Frizzies
No Residue or Build-Up

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335 Intensive Healing Oil

An intensive oil treatment for worst slow growth and breakage problems.

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336 Yanni Juice Hair Oil Sheen

Yanni Juice, enriched with hemp and olive oil, includes all the wonderful natural oils, herbs and botanical extracts known to stimulate your roots, promote healthy hair growth and give your hair a glossy finish. Enriched with rosemary, hibiscus, hemp seed, nettles and horsetail, this Herbal infusion of handpicked, hair loving herbs can help promote hair growth, while eliminating dry, itchy scalp...

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337 Confiderm Scalp Oil

A light, luxurious oil that relieves drying commonly associated with chemical treatments. Its botanical-rich blend of nature's own soothing agents and moisturizers soothes the scalp while reducing itching, flaking and dryness; essential oils provide a natural source of vitamins. Versatile and fragrant, this soothing scalp oil relaxes, lubricates and restores balance to the hair and scalp.

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338 Sweet Manna Botanical Hair & Scalp Serum

Manna is the name of the supernatural food that God used to feed the Israelites while they were in the desert for 40 years (Book of Exodus). And just like that heavenly nourishment described in the Holy Scriptures, this "sweet manna" oil blend is a true miracle food for the hair and scalp! This is a therapeutic serum that is intensely infused with a select blend of exotic botanicals all targeted...

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339 Kitoko Oil Treatment

Kitoko Oil Treatment is an indulgent blend of Karite and Argan oils, rich in antioxidants, Omega oils, and Vitamins A and E. This sensory oil treatment is perfectly balanced to the hair and scalp, resulting in incredible absorption and rapid penetration without adding weight to the hair. Essential fatty acids nourish the hair from within to stimulate incredible condition, elasticity and shine....

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340 Agave Healing Oil Treatment

Smoothes, restores and transforms unmanageable frizzy hair. It's non-greasy lightweight formula is ideal for all hair types.Agave plant sugars hydrate and help preserve hair color. Just a few drops on the ends of dry hair or damp hair will instantly smooth, seal and add shine.

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