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11 Hair Powder

A light powder for hair on days of unwash.' This is a product we've used since college. On those days where you skip a hair washing, sprinkle a dime size amount of powder into your hands and rub through the roots of your dry hair. You'll be amazed at the results. Lavender & Clary Sage: The Clean and intoxicating aroma of lavender perfectly partnered with an invigorating clary sage. Tuberose: The...

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12 Hair Shadz

Hair Shadz® is a revolutionary solution for the hair and scalp. It has 3 in 1 capabilities and it’s all natural! Root Blending: Masks roots from the 2nd to 5th week colorings. A spectrum of 8 colors to choose from for suitable matches. Dry Shampoo: Absorbs oil and prolongs the life of your hairstyle between shampoos. Simply apply to oily areas of your hair, and Hair Shadz® absorbs...

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13 Color Prepare

A patented, fresh-dried vitamin complex that dissolves into a gel in the palms of the hands forming a rich lathering treatment specifically formulated for hair prior to every color service in the salon, at home or when traveling to assure predictable and successful color results.

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14 Henna

Henna is a natural hair dye made form the flowering Lawsonia inermis plant. It also has particularly good side benefits such as the thickening of hair, it leaves hair feeling silky and strong. The benefit of henna is that it makes the hair feel thick, silky and shiny.

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15 Cocoa Dry Shampoo Powder

What is a dry shampoo? It is basically a powder made to absorb oils, wonderful for extending "not so great" or "slightly stinky" hair. Most dry shampoo contains ingredients which cannot be pronounced or bad for you. This includes a blend of organic cocoa powder, Arrow root powder, bentonite clay, rosemary essential oil to promote a healthy scalp and discourage itch. And the best part is you get...

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16 Boost Powder

Adds lift and grit for dramatic gravity-defying texture. Can be layered with virtually any other American Crew styling product.

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17 Boost Powder

Anti-gravity volume powder with matte finish. Give hair lift, thickness and a matte finish with American Crew Boost Powder. This weightless powder adds grit for dramatic, gravity-defying texture. And, it can be layered with virtually any other American Crew styling product.

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18 Caviar Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo

Extend your blowout and instantly refresh hair between washings with this talc-free, anti-aging dry shampoo formulated to gently absorb excess oil, product build-up, and impurities. This formula reenergizes hair, leaving it with a clean, touchable texture and a fresh scent.

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19 Blondes C Treatment

Instantly transforms natural blondes, bleached and highlighted hair from dull to dazzling Increases shine, infuses moisture, restores vibrancy Reveals unmatched shine, flow and movement of hair 100% Vegan

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20 Push Styling Powder

Surface Push Styling Powder adds volume and root lift to hair. Maximizes texture, thickens fine hair and controls static.

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