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1011 Depsea Smoothing Foundation

For coarse, unruly hair. Smooths and helps tame frizz with light control.

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1012 Tea-Lightfully Clean Blow Dry Mist

head off damage. our sheer formula helps protect against the effects of blow-drying while invigorating your senses with an exhilarating tea tree fragrance. spritz on damp hair, then bring the heat. strands will stay safe so you get a silky finish.

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1013 Detail High Gloss Setting Lotion

Detail is a high gloss ready use setting lotion that provides a medium hold and leaves hair with volume and movement. This moisturizing setting lotion contains panthenol and coconut extracts that leave hair conditioned and soft with a high gloss finish.

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1014 Nu Expressions Braid & Lock Oil

Nu Expressions Braid & Lock Oil contains natural ingredients from plant herbs and oils. Braid & Lock Oil maintains locks and twists keeping the hair frizz free with a natural luster. Nu Expressions Braid & Lock Oil is filled with agents that promote growth and healthy hair.

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1015 Ultralight Grooming Spray

This weightless spray nourishes the scalp while giving hair a boost of moisture and shine. A prep spray for all types of hair, detangles and moisturizes long hair and conditions and smooths shorter styles. Very light texture leaves hair groomed, shiny and deeply nourished. Can be used before styling to prep hair, alone or throughout the day to instantly reactivate. Contains ginger root extract,...

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1016 Farouk Royal Treatment Rapid Shine Finishing Spray

A non-aerosol spray, CHI Farouk Royal Treatment Rapid Shine, formulated with White Truffle and Pearl, provides a weightless, intense shine to your finished style. The paraben free formula helps to repair split ends and eliminate frizz while providing natural UV protection and anti-aging properties.

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1017 Professional Series Texture Expert Infinium 4 Hold Finishing Spray

Loreal Texture Expert Infinium 4 Extreme Hold Finishing Spray is an extreme hold finishing spray. Infinium microdiffuser spray brings dryness with long-lasting results. Now you have the ability to comb and recomb hair without residue. Hair emerges feeling natural, and looking shiny. Lock in style with a natural feel, elegant construction and optimal shine.

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1018 Twisted Curl Define Spray

Twisted Curl Define Spray is a lightweight, humidity resistant spray gel designed to keep your curls frizz free and shiny. Curl enhancing technology seals out humidity and smooths & defines curls without flakes or sticky build-up.

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1019 KeraCare Oil Sheen

KeraCare Oil Sheen with Humidity Block is a light formula that gives hair a natural looking shine. Contains a conditioning blend of Olive Oil, Carrot Oil, and herbal extracts. Enriched with anti-reversion agents. No CFCs or drying alcohols.

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1020 Shea Butter Quenching Hair + Body Oil - Coconut Lemongrass

Want to add some life to limp, slow growing hair? Shea Terra Organcis Shea Butter Quenching Hair + Body Oils are made exclusively with nourishing shea nut butter, fractionated shea butter oil and fruit/ plant extracts.

When shea butter is too heavy, this light penetrating oil does the trick. A few squirts applied to the scalp encourages hair growth as Shea Butter Quenching Oil feeds...

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