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1011 Quick Fixx

Quick Fixx is a nutrient-enriched, non-aerosol hair spray that provides shine, long lasting and flexible hold. This quick-drying formula uses sophisticated, cosmetic-grade resins for crystal-clear hold that will never flake or buildup.

1012 Anti-Aging Ultra-Hold Spray

MacVoil Ultra Hold Spray resists humidity and protects hair from sun damage. MacVoil's Therma-A Complex is activated by heat, making it an ideal solution for use with blow dryers. It’s water-soluble and washes out easily in the shower.

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1013 Leave-On Conditioner and High Gloss Shine Spray

This leave-in conditioner and high-gloss shine spray creates soft, smooth conditioning, maximum volume and lift, and intense shine.

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1014 Depsea Moisture Foundation

With its mineral-rich Depsea water, this works as a leave-in conditioner and refreshes or preps a blow-dry.

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1015 Depsea Smoothing Foundation

For coarse, unruly hair. Smooths and helps tame frizz with light control.

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1016 Optimum Care Salon Collection Mineral-Oil-Free Sheen Spray

Finally a lightweight conditioning formula for sensational shine and weightless volume without mineral oil build-up.

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1017 Detail High Gloss Setting Lotion

Detail is a high gloss ready use setting lotion that provides a medium hold and leaves hair with volume and movement. This moisturizing setting lotion contains panthenol and coconut extracts that leave hair conditioned and soft with a high gloss finish.

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1018 Tea-Lightfully Clean Blow Dry Mist

head off damage. our sheer formula helps protect against the effects of blow-drying while invigorating your senses with an exhilarating tea tree fragrance. spritz on damp hair, then bring the heat. strands will stay safe so you get a silky finish.

1019 Glitz

The Razzamatazz Glitz silkens, repairs and protects. Enhanced with botanicals, vitamins and sunscreen, our unique advanced alcohol free, non-oily formula gives you shine, shine, shine - without added weight. Protects by actually sealing the cuticle against moisture loss and color fading and leaves a mirror-like shine. Eliminates the frizzies and ends static electricity.

1020 Firm Hold Working Spray

Sojourn Firm Hold Working Spray is a light weight, medium hold working spray that adds volume while retaining the hair's natural movement. Infused with Keratin Cashmere and Cystine amino acid, this fine mist will add shine and smooth down fly-aways without flaking. Great for use with hot tools and irons.

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