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Yes to Cucumbers Color Care Daily Makeover Conditioner

May 14, 2012 - Couldn't believe I hadn't reviewed this sooner. I love this conditioner. The price is great, the bottle lasts ages, and this is a great condish that leaves my hair silky and smooth. Not heavy or greasy, gives me great slip and helps my hair clump like you wouldn't believe. It makes an excellent LI too. I do not care for the smell, but it isn't strong and does not linger. Absolutely one of my favorite CG products.

Donna Marie Miracle Detangler & Conditioner

Apr 05, 2012 - This stuff is awesome. Feels light in the hand, but is very moisturizing and gives great slip. I use it as a leave-in, and also to refresh my 2nd-day hair. I just put a nickel-size amount in my palm with a splash of water, rub together, then work gently through my curls to define them, and I get great 2nd day hair with minimal frizz. It is also a good rinse out, but I hate to waste it that way when its such a great LI and curl refresher. The only real negative is the bottle is not a good size for the price (and prices have changes, it's not $12 any more, it's $14.95). It runs out quick. Otherwise, highly recommend.

AG Hair Cosmetics The Oil

Oct 27, 2011 - Bleh. Really disappointed that AG came out with an oil loaded with silicones (3 different ones that I can see) and have the nerve to say its organic. I wouldn't put this in my hair if I were desperate.

Auntie Bubbs's Latest Salon Reviews

California Styles - Newbury Park, California, United States

Jul 19, 2012 - I feel like I'm on a yo-yo with this salon. This is a re-review of the re-review. I can't say I'll ever be going back here again. This woman must be bipolar. Today she called me, and when I called her back, she verbally attacked me because of a poor review I had left her last month regarding how hard it is to get her on the phone. I was shocked at how unprofessional she was. Leaving aside the fact that I called for 3 days straight (during the week, so no, not on Sunday or Monday, days I know salons are closed) and did not get anyone on the phone, Jessica was so unprofessional I cannot recommend her doing anyone's hair. I would not trust her to do mine. She accused me of ruining her business, and then threatened me with her lawyer. When I told her I stood by my review, because it was based on my experience, she resorted to personal attacks on my character. she told me I was a person who had no heart; and on Yelp (where I left the review) she actually attacked my job skills and said she hoped I could get a job so I wouldn't have so much free time on my hands to leave bad reviews for people. Just way too personal and unprofessional a way to act when your business is dependent on word-of-mouth and repeat business. Also, in my experience, someone does not get so angry that they resort to below-the-belt personal attacks unless they are aware that their own behavior is not right. If on some level Jessica was not aware that she had earned a poor review, she wouldn't have reacted with a personal attack. I wish she had lived up to the positive re-review I left her. Her cutting skills are fine. Her people skills are awful. I fully expect her to bad-mouth me to other curly girls who go into her salon, because she doesn't seem to have a filter that tells her what is professional and appropriate and what is not. She accused me of "ruining her business" but she doesn't seem to understand that her own poor behavior is doing that all on her own.

California Styles - Newbury Park, California, United States

Apr 28, 2012 - So, this is a re-review for Jessica and CA Styles, and my experience this time was a complete turnaround from last time. My older review is down below. Jessica and I talked about my last experience and why I wasn't happy, and we went from there. Jessica did a very good job with my cut, and shaped my curls nicely around my face. She also trimmed off just enough from the ends to make my curls look healthy again, without taking off very much from the length, which is very important to me because I don't want short hair. We also pretty much stayed away from the Deva products, because she understood I don't like them, and didn't try to force them on me like other salons would. That's something I really appreciate; many places will use what they want regardless. I find the Deva stuff drying and my hair doesn't like that much protein - Deva just uses too much, and my hair doesn't like wheat protein in particular, which is what they use. She used a cream by Enjoy that I really liked, and I would probably buy except it was priced a little too high for my budget. But Jessica is very knowledgeable about natural remedies and homemade stylers and that's pretty cool; other salons might look down on someone who makes their own gel, but Jessica gets it. She also waxes, and I had her do my eyebrows; they came out very nice and she has a gentle touch with the waxing as well. Her prices for both cuts and waxing are so reasonable that I would definitely be able to afford a revisit. Glad I gave CA Styles another try, and glad Jessica had the right attitude about moving forward from a less-than-positive customer experience and review: make it right for everyone without playing the "blame the customer" game. Thanks, Jessica!

California Styles - Newbury Park, California, United States

Apr 24, 2011 - Jessica did a good job w/my curls, but I am giving this a 3 and not a 5 because overall I did not feel great about my experience in her salon. Plus side: She is very skilled, knows, and loves curly hair. She doesn''t overcharge. Negative side: She didn't really listen to what I wanted for my hair and gave me what she wanted me to have not what I asked for in a cut/style, she really hard sells the Deva line (products I hate that dry me out). didn't listen when I said I didn't want them in my hair, and was really negative and disparaging about the products that were in my hair (Curl Junkie). She claimed never to have heard of the line (really? I found that hard t believe after she said she frequented Worst off all, my feelings were really hurt. Jessica could've used better imagery, like saying it was too defined/not scrunched out enough, which I knew it was because I was in a hurry that day to go to a dr. appt. before my hair appt. I will most likely go back to the stylist who charges me 3 times as much but has never once been as rude. She just doesn't listen and has her own agenda when she does a customer's hair. Skill doesn't make up for lack of people skills IMO.