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CurlOnGurl's Latest Product Reviews

Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner

Feb 10, 2013 - If you've read ANY of my recent reviews, you know of my deep frustration over being forced to relinquish my HG 'poo and condish for a different brand more suited to the desert climate my 2C/3A-B tendrils have been subjected to since moving to Nevada from Florida just under a year and a half ago (see other reviews for those brands). It has been a major undertaking with the copious amount of research I conducted just to find products that would not further deplete the much-needed moisture from my already thirsty mane. Enter Elucence. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a brand that not only came with rave reviews, but its price tag most certainly did NOT match the quality it was purported to possess. It is even named appropriately: MOISTURE BALANCING. It is neither too heavy nor too is just right to handle my dehydrated locks in this moisture deficient place and comes with an ever-so-subtle peachy scent that's barely noticeable after the hair is dry. I liked both this Moisturizing Conditioner and two of the shampoos (see reviews) so much, I purchased liter-sized bottles after the smaller ones ran out.

Ouidad Double Detangler

Feb 10, 2013 - The Ouidad Double Detangler has got to be one of the most brilliant inventions for curly hair to date. Prior to its creation, I stored an extra 2-3 wide tooth combs and picks in my closet at all times because there were none on the market that were tough enough to detangle my color-treated 2C/3A-B fur coat, er, I mean hair, without breaking! Not so anymore. The Double Detangler is comprised of a substantial hard plastic with two rows of widely-spaced tines and an ergonomic handle, thus producing a tool rugged enough to rival even commercial-grade construction equipment. One thing I feel is important to note is that although I am relatively young, I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, rendering them all but useless for even remotely challenging tasks. However, the ergonomic design of the Double Detangler is such that the pain of gripping this particular object is greatly minimized by its heavy duty, well thought-out construction; it's so much easier for me to hold AND to maintain a firm grasp on it without repeated dropping. It seems the longer my locks get and the longer I live in the arid Wild West (I'm from Florida), the more difficult the tangles become to manage, particularly at the neck line where it is most curly. Since I can only wash my hair once a week without completely stripping every last ounce of moisture from it and fading my over-priced color treatment to shades unrecognizable on any color wheel, there's sufficient time to form snarls-a-plenty, making the Double Detangler a godsend. I purchased mine about 4 or 5 years ago and it's still going strong without a single broken tine or any sign of ruination anywhere in the foreseeable future. I have definitely done more than my fair share of complaining about Ouidad's (as well as some others') pricing, but this time they get a trump card. I'm pretty sure I have actually SAVED $$ because the Double Detangler is so durable.

AG Hair Cosmetics Re:Coil Curl Care Conditioner

Feb 10, 2013 - As I also said in my review of AG's Curl Activating Shampoo, it and this Curl Activating Conditioner just refuse to provide the moisture my color-treated (auburn) 2C/3A-B hair desperately cries out for since I moved to Nevada from Florida. I maintain that both the Curl Activating Shampoo AND Conditioner are quality hair products, sufficiently concentrated, pleasantly scented and worth every dime. I didn't even have to switch to anything more moisture-rich during the winter while I used these in Florida - they served my parches tresses well year-round. When I return to the eastern part of the US, I will most certainly return to these products as well, but unfortunately for now, I had to switch to different products.

CurlOnGurl's Latest Salon Reviews

Gerri Curtis @ Planet Curls - Houston, Texas, United States

Mar 29, 2015 -

I called Planet Curls to let them know I was lost and needed help finding the place, however the girl who answered couldn't even so much as tell what the salon was located near, so when I finally found it, I was 15 minutes late. I asked if I would still be able to get a cut with Gerri since I'd driven over an hour for the appointment, but I was told I'd be seeing her son Charlie, instead. My first clue that I should have left right away was when I witnessed Charlie chugging down an entire glass of wine while cutting someone else's hair. 

He gave me what I call the typical "fat girl" cut, which I'd already stated I did not want: shorter in the back and longer in the front on each side, making it look like I have floppy dog ears. He refused to do anything to alleviate the excess weight on top and left me with random uncut clumps of curls all over my head. I told him that one of the products he wanted to use simply doesn't work with my hair, but he said to trust him. Also, when it was time to get shampooed, there was snickering going on about me around the corner where I could hear them, which was quite hurtful. He didn't finish drying my hair, and this was on a particularly cold day plus I had other places to go afterward. 

Gerri may be a wonderful stylist, but I'll never know - the experience with her son had to be one of the worst in my 41 years, so I refuse to return.

The Curl Girl - Tampa, Florida, United States
Jennifer Kenney

Dec 30, 2010 - I always thought my very thick 3A/3B curls were strange looking and too difficult for most stylists to handle because over the years they have either complained about me while I sat in their chair, charged me more than they charged their other clients or refused to cut my hair altogether (2 stylists have done this to me stating it took too long and that they could see 3 clients in the time it took to work with me alone!), but Jen Kenney was completely different! She's very professional, friendly, and makes me feel so much more confident about having curly hair. She doesn't blow dry my hair straight after cutting it or encourage me to get it chemically straightened as so many have in the past, and she actually cut it into a style that doesn't resemble a pyramid or a bell. As a matter of fact, I rarely lose any length when I go to her; she mostly gives it shape and takes out the bulk and it looks so shiny and healthy! No matter how much training a stylist receives, I truly believe that properly cutting curly hair takes talent, and Jen possesses this gift-which is so rare. I'm moving away soon and I'm in a panic about how I'm going to find someone to do even HALF of what Jen has done for me, not to mention how good and happy and confident I feel when I get up from her chair. That says a lot - I lost my job this year along with several other difficulties I've been faced with, so my confidence has been in the gutter - Jen is most deserving of awards, kudos, a raise...everything and anything to express my and certainly her other clients' gratitude for how great she makes them not only look but more importantly feel.