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Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon - New York, New York, United States
Leslie Ellen Abbate

Mar 17, 2014 - I've now been to Leslie Ellen twice and am twice thrilled! So, the basics are that she gave me a great cut both times, and while that is a big deal enough for a curly girl, I'll go back for more reasons than just a good cut. The first time I went I had not had my 3b/a curls cut professionally in over 2 years....this is not my longest avoidance of the shears, but a pretty average wait for me. I am one of the many walking wounded with more bad cuts I can shake a wide-toothed comb at. No one ever listened to my pleas to not cut the top too short...the bottom layers are 3a and just will not curl up like the top, just one of the many struggles I had to grit my teeth against to go get a hair cut. So I decided to try Leslie Ellen after I read "clairewithcurls" review below. Leslie Ellen began with a standard consultation...what do you want to do....and my usual response was I'm not sure was met with a wonderfully honest and perceptive response. She noted how my hair did not reflect the person I seemed to express with my clothing, jewelry, etc. She noted my ambivalence and said we could just 'clean it up' or....and then proceeded to show me a shape that would match who I was. I knew I could trust her. Her observations of me as a whole person, not just a mass of curls, her attention to the variations in my curl pattern, and her acceptance of where I draw the line (no coloring, no straightening) earn her top grades. The shop she is in is less than perfect, but look, it's about getting the best cut and care so you can walk around with a great look for months. I'm happy to lose the bells and whistles of the fancy 'curly' salons for a great cut. Oh, and while I did go back after 10 weeks, my hair still looked good. I've never before left a cut and didn't have to restyle, trim something, etc. I walked in and had my dream of a hair stylist telling me what would work with my hair, my style, my life. Amazing!