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Mario Diab Salon - New York, New York, United States
Carlos & James

Jul 24, 2008 - Carlos and James have my unqualified recommendation. If you aren't in the neighborhood, they are worth the trip. I'm growing my very curly, but thin and fine hair. The last "curly specialist" did a terrible job. After 15 weeks, I didn't really want it shorter, but I needed a better shape -- and I had terrible roots (that looked worse b/c my hair had been highlighted too blonde!) Carlos knows curly hair. He knows where you've been. He knows where you want to go. In my many, many years of wearing curly hair, no one had ever cut it dry. Carlos cut it dry and he did a great job! Knowing I want to grow it long (and how long that takes), Carlos didn't touch the length. It seemed he didn't do alot, but what he did do resulted in an enormous improvement. My hair has looked great every day since my Carlos cut -- rain or shine, heat or humidity! Carlos is a curly-hair genius. Bring him your hair with confidence. James take his color seriously. He presented me with a book of pictures so we could be on the same page about what color we each had in mind. [What a great idea!]. It happened we had the same picture/color in mind. James did a masterful job painting my highlights (no foils!)and correcting the blonde. My hair color looks natural and warm. Mario Diab is a comfortable salon without midtown attitude. Carlos and James are great guys, so you'll be comfortable while you are there - and you will be delighted with the results after you leave.

Christo Fifth Avenue - New York, New York, United States
Slava & Michael

Jul 13, 2008 - I have very curly and thin hair (3b - I think). Dry it looks volumnous; wet you can see and feel how thin it is. I wore it somewhat long 10 years ago, and I want to return to that style. I spent months growing out my hair (particularly the side bangs), so that a good curly hairstylist could give it a good cut and it could continue to grow into a longer good look. The service @ Christo is great. Nice welcome. Warm environment. No luck for me with Slava. He didn't read my hair at all. I think he went into formula curly haircut number whatever. He recut everything I had just grown out, and left thin length that looked stringy and thin without the volume of the hair he had just cut. He used too much product for my hair - leaving it crunchy and unnatural. It looked terrible when I left, and it has been a cut to manage in the weeks after (you know, sometimes you go home, wash your hair, and it turns out it's a good cut but you just didn't like the styling). Michael did a good job with my color and highlights. It was a little blonder than I would have liked. I did buy some products and have found they can work for me if I don't use as much as Slava. He's a nice guy, but not for my head of hair.