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XO Salon - Portland, Oregon, United States
Aimee Zimmerman

Nov 19, 2013 - Aimee has been my stylist for 3 years. I have 3B/C hair and I went to see her after my big chop. She not only re-shaped my short hair into something attractive instead of a hair halo, she educated me and has helped me during my grow out. She always listens and provides the pros and cons of decisions and guidance as to what will give the same effect but be best for my hair. I've had many stylists over a few decades but I've never one this great. She is an artist! I'm not a gal that likes to fuss with my hair a lot or spend more than 10 minutes styling. Her cuts always bring out my best curl and her coloring and highlighting technique is flawless. I'm still growing out so I see her twice a year. I wanted a low maintenance color/highlight for my greys. She guided me towards balayage. My hair looks like it was naturally sun bleached and I don't have a harsh root line that needs constant retouching. I'll never go to another stylist!

Wack Salon - Portland, Oregon, United States

Sep 08, 2010 - Go see Aimee now!! Don't wait, call now! I've lived in Portland for 3 years and have struggled with finding a great curly stylist. I even went the route of trimming my own hair for a while after too many bad cuts. I used the reviews on this site to narrow down 2 stylists....Aimee and another one from Dezi Salon. I went to see the Dezi Salon stylist first and he did an ok job. I didn't hate my cut but didn't love it. A few months later I tried Aimee. OMG!!! She is a master at cutting/styling curly hair. Not only did she give me one of the best cuts of my life (and I've been to a Ouidad salon) but she understood my hair, acknowledged and was familiar with the 'no poo' method. She also gave me a styling tip that saves me so much time and gives me curls that look like I individually finger-styled each one! She said her goal was to 'unleash my barrels of curls' and boy did she. I went from semi-frizzy, overweighted curls to bouncy, shiny, beatiful ringlets. I saw her almost a month ago now so I can honestly say that she cut it in such a way that I could style myself easily and almost every day someone stops me to compliment my curls. Do yourself a favor and go see her! I have 3B/3C curls and REALLY thick hair. (btw...she used to work at Dirty Little Secret so check out her reviews under that salon name)

Dezi Salon - Portland, Oregon, United States

May 24, 2010 - I love my new hair style/cut!! I haven't had my hair professionally cut in years because I had too many run-ins with stylists that claimed they were good at cutting curly hair but left me with some form of Bozo cut or another. I have 3b curls and my hair length was middle of my back when I went to see Josh. I went in with no picture in mind I just wanted my hair to be shorter and easier to manage. Josh took his time and was very friendly. I felt like I'd known him for years even though we'd never met before. He cut my hair dry and gave me this cute, shoulder length cut that has movement, body and frames my face so well! Josh explained it best when he said cutting curly hair is like cutting a bonsai tree. You have to cut it dry and let it 'talk to you'. I will definitely be seeing Josh in the future and would recommend him to any curly girl.