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Mark Marcell at Salon Boutique - Dallas, Texas, United States
Marc Marcell

Jul 25, 2011 - First of all, let me tell you that the salon itself is adorable. It is a small old house, but it has been remodeled and organized with such taste that you immediately feel at home. They offer you something to drink and the staff is super friendly. Then this curly headed man with adorable blondish ringlets and a great attitude comes to get you and takes you back to a little room. My bf was with me and Marc just took him along too. Then he listened to all the crap I had to say about my hair, and looked at my unrealistic pictures of what I wanted. I told him that I loved Afros and big big hair. I am a type 3a by the way. Then he gave me a shampoo, conditioned my hair (even though I cowash, I really didn't care) and started cutting my hair. I was sooooooo into the conversation with him about a million things, that I didn't even notice when he was done and started putting re:coil and other products in my hair. This is the moment when I started paying lots of attention cuz I really wanted to see how he would style my hair. He would explain to me what he was doing and why every step of the process. We just kept talking and then I noticed that he put so much more product than I ever would, and my skepticism began. I thought "there is no way this is gonna come out right" since he was not only putting tons of product ( the usual re:coil, gel, mousse) and he was just combing my hair with his fingers and even a comb and really working the product through, and I am just thinking, man he broke off all the curls cuz my hair can never withstand a lot of handling or I end up with frizzy stringy hair. He also styled my bangs and diffused my hair, and we were done. When I looked in the mirror, my hair looked great! I could not believe it. IT looked shiny, healthy, and DEFINED! The cut looked great too, even though it wasn't like the pics, but I understand that it was impossible for him to give me something like that if my hair is so damn short. Anyway, I am growing my hair, but the next cut will always be with Mark. He is the S(&^t. He is pretty cool too, not what you will expect at all. You will see, give him a try!