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Bigen Protect & Repair Deep Conditioner

Sep 08, 2013 - I liked this DT better than I thought I would. The 1.75 oz packet is a generous amount. I had more than enough to cover my thirsty 3b hair that hangs to APL when wet. I would estimate that I had about 1/3 of the packet left over after covering my hair thoroughly with the product. For this reason, it would be great if this came in a jar or tube so that we can just use the amount we need. I DT weekly, rotating different products. I applied gel to style my hair and it dried with soft, shiny, non-frizzy curls. Maybe it was because of the silicones in this product; I typically don't silicones. I love the scent of this product, but those who are sensitive to fragrances may not like it -- the results are definitely worth trying this deep conditioner. I would consider purchasing this product, and I really hope they offer it in a jar or tube at some point.

Bigen Protect & Repair Shampoo

Sep 08, 2013 - I don't use shampoo usually. Lately, I have been wanting to find one that I can use periodically to help remove product build-up. Not surprisingly, the instructions for the Deep Conditioner in the line recommends using this shampoo first before applying the DC. (My review for the DC will be posted later). The shampoo has a nice fresh scent. It's a bit strong, but I liked it. It lathers well with just a small amount of product used (about the size of a quarter for my APL-when-wet 3b hair). My hair felt clean but not stripped after I rinsed it. For regular use, I don't find this shampoo to be moisturizing or detangling enough to be used without a rinse-out conditioner after it. Since I was doing the DC next, I wasn't concerned about combing my hair after using the shampoo. I am glad that I tried this product and I will gladly use it in the future when I need to shampoo.

Samy Fat Curls Curl Enhancing Creme

May 16, 2013 - Happy to have a good curl cream in my collection that does not make my hair feel coated or sticky. I get tired of using gels all the time. I liked this product! Smelled great! I styled my hair as usual, using this over my leave-in conditioner, and let it air dry. My curls were nicely formed/spirally, didn't frizz initally. They looked more "natural", as in no "wet-look", no stiffness, no crunchiness. By the end of the day, my hair still looked good, but a bit of frizz was forming. So far, on my "hold" spectrum (rating 1-5 with 5 being most hold), the Fat Curls gel gets a 3 and the curl cream gets a 2.5. I like this product and I will keep using it because there are days I don't want to have wet-looking roots or have to deal with crunch. Definitely worth trying this product if you haven't already.