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Bigen AB3 Medium Ash Brown Semi-Perm Hair Color

Oct 22, 2014 - Application was fairly easy, though one bottle was barely enough to cover my whole head of hair (3a, long, thick) and I really do like to make sure my hair is saturated with color because I have so much of it. Even though I concentrated most of the color on my roots, the formula did not cover the few grays I have. I am used to conditioning my hair after applying color, but since this did not provide any, I decided not to use any to see how my hair would feel afterward. My hair smelled nice, no disgusting harsh dye smell, but was fairly dry. Did not notice any excessive color bleeding after washing the color out, which is good because I hate when my pillowcases, etc get color bled onto it as with some semi permanent products. The price and availability of this product is very good!

Bigen Polishing Serum

Oct 22, 2014 - I used this serum when leaving my hair natural, both as a stand alone product (using no other products on my hair), and as a part of my usual hair routine (in conjunction with leave in conditioner). As a stand alone product, it left my hair slightly frizzy, but shinier than normal. When used in conjuction with my usual products, it did a decent job of controlling the frizz and defining my 3a curls. Love the scent of this, it is wonderful!

Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight

Apr 08, 2014 - I was sent this product for review, and was very excited to try it because although I love my curls, I do like to straighten my hair from time to time as well. I was hoping this product would make it easier for me to straighten my hair when i wanted to, but also defrizz my curls a bit when I wanted to leave my hair natural. For me, this product was similar to other boxed 30 day keratin treatments I'd tried in the past. The shampoo that came with the kit made my hair squeaky clean; literally my hair made squeaking sounds while I was washing it, which I did not like because that means my hair was drying out. The conditioner that came with the kit was a thinner consistency that I did not think would give my hair much moisture, and I was right. I was able to detangle my hair, but with a bit more effort than with my usual (thicker) conditioner. I did notice a lot more fallout during the detangling process. The process of blowdrying my hair took longer than usual for me, due to the gooey feeling of the treatment, even though I did not oversaturate my hair. The straightening result was slightly better than usual, but my hair felt very sticky. The flatironing part also took longer than usual because I saw more residue on my iron and had to go over some sections more often (not good). When I do a normal flatiron routine, I can get away with 5-7 days before my hair looks really stringy and I have to wash it. With this kit, I made it about 3 days before my hair looked gross, though it did retain the straightness. When I next washed my hair, I let it air dry and noticed the curls were looser, but still frizzy on the top of my head and my ends were a lot more dry. My hair looked more stringy and limp overall, and felt a lot more dry than usual (which I was hoping to avoid with this treatment). After two days, I once again washed my hair, but decided to go ahead with my normal blowdry and flatiron routine to see if this kit cut down any time and effort. It did not. My hair took just as long to blowdry as usual, but was a lot more limp than usual as well. Flatironing still took longer, as I had to go over some sections more than twice (usually I go over a section once, and I'm done), and the end result was extremely flat and stringy hair, which is not how my hair looks with my normal routine. I have been blowdrying and flatironing my hair periodically for about 15 years now, and I have my technique down pat, but this kit did nothing to cut down time or make my hair look any better than usual. In fact, my hair had less bounce, and cut down my time between shampooing by a few days at least. After a few more times of washing and letting my hair air dry, I used the shampoo to wash the formula out of my hair. My curls came back slightly more than while the formula was in my hair, but the ends are still very dry, and my curl pattern has not fully returned yet (another thing I was worried about before trying this). Hopefully my curls return to normal soon. I will not be purchasing this product again, but I think it might work well enough for those who do not worry about their hair being dry, and who are willing to commit a couple months to having a looser texture to their hair (if they want to revert to their natural texture).

Toastie's Latest Salon Reviews

Akada - Columbus, Ohio, United States

Jul 20, 2012 - I made an appointment with Mindy after finding numerous good reviews online. I booked with her for a haircut after my wedding and had high hopes for a good cut (especially at the $80+ price the haircut would cost). The salon, the people, and the overall experience was good, but I will not be going back for these reasons: I explained to Mindy that I wanted my 3a hair shaped and trimmed, but most of all wanted to keep the length (which is why I did a ton of research trying to find a good stylist, due to the fact that they always cut more than I want). I also told her I wanted some tips on styling my hair, and to get my bangs trimmed. In fact, the way her hair was cut was exactly the way I wanted mine cut. She seemed to completely understand what I was talking about, so I relaxed and let her go to work. Well, my hair went from long (halfway down my back, that I had spent two+ years to grow) to just above my shoulders. So much for keeping my length :( Mindy hasn't even told me she would cut so much. My mistake in not watching what she was doing in the mirror, I guess. At the end, when she was trimming my bangs, she asked me how I styled them on a daily basis. I told her and she flat out said she didn't like the look of straightened side swept bangs, so she wouldn't cut them anymore than she had. My "bangs" at that point were to the top of my cheekbones, basically the shortest layer on my head and she wouldn't cut them they way I would have liked (to below my eyebrows). I was in such shock at the length of my hair and her refusal to cut my bangs that I was speechless and didn't ask again. I wasn't happy with my hair but didn't say anything because they couldn't glue my lost length back, so I just dealt with it. The shocked look on my husband's face when he saw the cut almost had me in tears (he loves my long curly hair, as do I). Mindy then ended the session by giving me some good styling tips, which I did appreciate. She gets three stars because she really seemed to listen to what I wanted and gave me good styling tips, but in the end cut as much hair as she wanted off and then blatantly told me she didn't like the way I styled my bangs so she wouldn't cut them shorter like I wanted. Another thing is that I called two months later for an appointment for a free bang trim and I was sent to a junior stylist who said "if you want to cut your bangs shorter, you should really make an appointment with Mindy for a haircut so she can make it all flow together". I just wanted half an inch off my bangs, not to be pressured into another $80+ haircut. I will not be returning to have Mindy hack my hair off or to this salon at all.