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At Last Salon & Spa - Lincoln, California, United States
Susan Stoll, Owner

Oct 07, 2011 - I've tried everything and everyone for curly hair and spent untold amounts of money--including flying to New York and Los Angeles for haircuts--and without question, Susan has given me the best haircuts I've ever had. She follows the authentic Deva method and is gifted with an intuitive sense of style and what works best for one's hair and physical features. She's also very generous about showing me how to get the same results she gets. When I went for my second haircut and commented that I was still a little unsure about how to style it when it's wet, she said "let the cut do the styling." Sure enough, I had been trying too hard and doing too much! With Susan's cut, I literally only have to add some product and shake my head, maybe refine the placement of one or two curls. No, I'm not related to Susan, was not paid to say this, never met her until I was lucky enough to be referred to her by a curly-haired friend.