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Carols Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie

Oct 09, 2010 - This product yielded excellent results on my 3c/4a hair. My hair was noticeably softer, more manageable and *very* moisturized than prior to the deep treatment.

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Oasis Salon - Rockville, Maryland, United States

Jun 21, 2010 - I had a HORRIBLE experience here. I brought 6 pictures of the same cut at various lengths to avoid confusion, and she STILL did the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what I asked. She said if I styled my hair the way I normally style it and didn't like it, I could return within two weeks. However, the hack job was SO bad I didn't even bother, b/c I was afraid of what further damage she would do. Not to mention the styling products used made my hair a matted mess. I had to wash and restyle as soon as I get I got home. I even posted pics of the hack job on a well-known forum and people were shocked at how bad it was. I suppose I should have gone and asked for my money back, but I believe in sometimes just leaving well enough alone. I will never recommend or revisit and leave it at that.